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Acknowledge Change or This Will Happen

Do you ever feel like you are in a loop, where every time you fix something or change something within your life you keep going back and creating the same issues again, only to find that they still resurface?


I frequently see this within my coaching practice. Clients will come to me sharing how they […]

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THIS Takes You from Rock Bottom to Thriving

You might not know it by looking at me now, but back in 2003 I was sitting in a pain rehabilitation clinic with a major life choice ahead of me.

I had been suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. It was so severe that I was in rehab to learn to walk again.

At this […]

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10 Things People with a Successful Mindset Say

Have you ever wondered what people who are wildly successful are doing or saying… that you’re NOT?


I’m going to break down the top ten things people with a successful mindset say that allows them to have continuous momentum and a high level of achievement.


I created a quick video for you to get a snapshot of the […]

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What is a Money Mindset Block?

Would you like to become more confident, attract more clients and make the money you always dreamed was possible?

Within our community (Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube) I’ve started seeing a brand new trend.

Many of you are asking me for support in growing your businesses…. And underneath it all you want to make more money.

Naturally […]

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10 Stress Relief Tips

I will totally be the first to admit I’m not impervious to stress. It’s actually something I’ve worked on for many years.

If you are at all like me and it’s easy for you to feel stressed, then you’ll want to read this.

Having a strong mindset and a strong self care routine is key to looking […]

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What the Lobster Taught Me About Stress

Recently I heard something about a lobster that got me thinking about how to better manage stress.

Yes, you read that correctly… a lobster taught me about stress.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I hear almost all of my private coaching clients tell me they regularly struggle with stress.

Do you struggle with stress too?

I have […]

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How to Always Trust Your Intuition

I find it hardest to trust my intuition when I’m dealing with matters close to the heart. Can you relate?

You may also find it’s harder to hear your intuition when it comes to those you love most.

I have heard many psychologists say, “The foundation of what we teach breaks down once we walk through the door to […]

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Remove Guilt, Shame & Fear

Do you ever struggle with guilt, shame, blame, worry or regret?

If you do, you know that this is a destructive cycle that can run deep.

When you’re dealing with guilt, it can be suffocating!

If you’re a person who automatically blames yourself every time something goes wrong, that kind of patterning can make you feel like […]

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When Everyone Seems Slow, Stupid & Frustrating

Do you ever feel like everyone around you is moving slower than you, and everything people say and do frustrates you? Have you ever felt a heightened sense of awareness about people’s stupidity?

In this video we talk about why you’re feeling this and how to change it so you can feel some relief and be […]

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How to Detach from the Outcome

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a distressed client (let’s call her Jill) and she told me her sibling was suicidal and in the hospital.

Jill was very conflicted about how to handle the situation. She told me she felt determined to persuade her sibling to choose life.

There were a lot of feelings of guilt and blame coming […]

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