Acknowledge Change or This Will Happen

Do you ever feel like you are in a loop, where every time you fix something or change something within your life you keep going back and creating the same issues again, only to find that they still resurface?

I frequently see this within my coaching practice. Clients will come to me sharing how they are frustrated that they are on a continuous loop seeking to find the solution to a problem that continues to persist in their lives. This Loop can be frustrating and you can put all of your efforts into it and it keeps happening over and over and over again.

It feels like none of your efforts are create the lasting change that you are desperately seeking. Can you relate to this?

Here’s the piece of information that really created a big change for one of my clients. (Get out your note pad.)

We were on a call together exploring the endless cycle that seemed to be going on in her life in reference to how she couldn’t get her business started. Every time she started, she seemed to get distracted or lose her confidence, or the money didn’t seem to show up.

I asked her a simple question that changed everything.

“Have you acknowledged the changes and the growth you have already made?”

She thought for a second and said well no. “I keep comparing myself to other people and every time I make changes within my life and it feels like it’s not good enough so I downplay it and I don’t acknowledge that any changes have happened or any growth has happened.”

Eureka! Now we’re getting somewhere.

I explained to her that when you do not acknowledge the change that you have created with in your life, (or if you are not acknowledging your growth) by the laws of the universe you must go back and recreate the problems and challenges again to prove that you can overcome them.

Have you ever done this? Let’s be honest I would be really surprised if any of you said you’ve never done this before. I’ve done this before.

You must acknowledge the growth and the changes that you have created with in your life so that you can get out of those endless cycles.

Without acknowledging the changes that you’ve created you must out of necessity go back and recreate the cycles to prove there’s a problem that you can fix.

Let me ask you this, what is stopping you from acknowledging the change you have created?

Most people tell me here they’re afraid that if they acknowledge the good things they created in their life that something bad will follow.

First you must acknowledge that what you put your focus on is what you create.

If you are worried that something bad must follow the good, you might actually be creating bad things because of your point of view. You can change this.

If you focus on problems you will create problems.

Try this instead. Acknowledge when you have created growth within your personal development. Look at the growth and say to the universe, “I’d like more of this please. How do I create more of this?”

Do you see how you were putting the focus on creating more space, more consciousness, more freedom and more greatness within your life?

Now this isn’t necessarily going to be easy for you immediately. You will need to retrain your brain to focus on what you want to create instead of focusing on what you’re afraid might happen.

You must have more focus on the outcome you desire then the outcome you fear. I am certain of this.

Back to the story I was sharing about my client.

After this conversation with her, she started to acknowledge all of the growth she had made over the past few years. Previously she had been denying, and hiding, and pretending she had not grown over the previous years.

Because she started acknowledging her growth, her business started to blossom and she was able to get new ideal clients! She even raised her prices and people happily paid.

Sometimes a simple shift can be profound with in your life and your business. It’s all about choice. What choices can you make to create the life and business you desire?

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