Alexis Cohen on Getting Into Flow And Birthing Your Creativity

Alexis Cohen on Getting Into Flow And Birthing Your Creativity

Some of the topics we covered in this conversation…

  • How to surrender to your natural power when you feel afraid of it
  • How to connect with your bodies wisdom so you can step into your power
  • What power and pain have in common
  • What she learned from seeing 300 births
  • How she stopped playing small and cleared the way for more creative power
  • About women in business being afraid to become successful or to have paying clients
  • How to become more intimate with your power (instead of fearing it)
  • Her experience with shamanism
  • The process of clearing any energy or resistance that might be disrupting your energy or power force.
  • She didn’t always look at being a Highly Sensitive People as a positive thing
  • How she now uses being a HSP to be a great service to her clients
  • How she transitioned into holding compassion as opposed to empathy for people
  • How her husband has a special way of supporting her a a HSP
  • What to do when you are feeling petrified of taking the next step
  • What are spirit babies saying before they are born
  • How she brought in the spiritual help to women going through IVF (fertility treatments)
  • What are the signs that you’re not fully living

Here is the in-depth conversation…

Hi everyone. Ashley Stamatinos here. I have a special treat for you today. I’m so excited to share with you my amazing friend, Alexis. Welcome …
Ashley, 00:01
Hi Ashley! Hi everybody. It’s so nice to be here.
Alexis, 00:16
I’m so excited that you were able to join me, and before we jump in, we have so many things that we would love to share with you today. Before we do, I’d like to introduce Alexis to you. Alexis Cohen is a Visual Artist, Women’s Creativity Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. Alexis supports women as they heal and strengthen their connection to their power and intuition so they can birth their creative work into the world. Women are stepping up in a new and powerful way and Alexis is passionate about supporting this new rising tide of women creatives, healers and innovators. ooo, this is so exciting. Alexis supports women through all their creative processes, including art, writing, ceremony and childbirth. With a decade-long background as a Doula, Alexis finds that her work in birth has beautifully woven into her current practices, and has transformed the way she sees her life and the lives and experiences of her clients. So again, welcome, welcome Alexis!
Ashley, 00:20
Thank you so much for having me here. And this will be so fun. I love speaking with you.
Alexis, 01:30
I shot her an email and I, we’ve been chatting for quite a while off and on interviewing each other. … Actually I guess this is the first time I’ve interviewed you. I sort of feel like I’ve done it before. Maybe I have some other thing, but I just haven’t had such a lovely connection with you and I really wanted to have a deeper conversation and I know you’ve been able to ask me a bunch of questions and I have been wanting to put the spotlight on you and really hear more about your experience and, and I am just so fascinated.
Ashley, 01:39
So let’s kind of start from the beginning and the first question I’d really like to ask you is just sort of, because I know more about you, tell everybody who’s listening a little bit more about you and your journey that brought you here to this place that you are now.
Ashley, 02:10
I love that question because it’s, you can answer it differently every time someone asks this question. Right. So it’s like, OK, where am I today and what led me to this point today? Um, well I think that, you know, to sum it a really, um, I feel like I’ve always been a student of creativity and um, you know, really. So I first started off, you know, I’ve always done art, but where it really started
Alexis, 02:27
moving for me, like, oh, OK, I see what it is that I’m here to do. Um, when it was, when I started to train as a Doula. Yeah. And I was sitting in birthing classes, actually hypnobirthing class. I was training, I was already, um, a shamanic practitioner, hypnotherapist. So I was already doing that work. I was training as a Doula, I was making art. So all of these paths were coming together and I was sitting in a class and I don’t exactly know what the teacher said, but everything lit up inside of me of around like, OK, birth energy, this creative power that is essential to women was completely co-opted what was taken from women and I feel like my work in the world is to help women reconnect with this power, with their creative power that is so, is so essential. Is there a birthright?
Alexis, 03:00
And so I started doing that work through births, but I always knew that, you know, being a Doula, it was, it was a part of the puzzle. I wasn’t, you know, I wasn’t going to be a doula forever. But again, I entered into that work as a student of this creative power. And it was fascinating. I learned pretty much everything about creativity and the way that creative power moves through a woman’s body. How she opens to it and how she shuts it down. Um, you know, yeah, just, just that dance with, with creative power. And then I became very interested in, OK, how can I support her in really surrendering to this power? Because I worked with a lot of women. Most of the women I worked with were looking for a natural birth. That was the population that I, that I worked with. So, um, it became this commitment like, OK, I need to do all the same work alongside of the women, like I want a natural birth were, you know, living in a culture where we don’t see it very much.
Alexis, 04:03
So there’s some work that we need to do as women to heal and reconnect to that body with that body’s wisdom in order to step into that power more deeply. So yeah, I would, I, I got really interested in, in, OK, what is the best way to help prepare women for this huge rite of passage where they’re opening up to this creative power that we don’t talk about very much that we’re often scared of. Right? Women are, can be very scared of like women are scared of childbirth, but often it’s the power that they’re scared of. You know, they say it’s like the pain, but it’s really the power, the incentive that I had heard it explained that way. That makes so much sense. Yeah. So it’s, it’s, you know, so it was like, OK, so what is the work that we can do beforehand to help a woman start to get really connected and comfortable?
Alexis, 05:14
Not Comfortable, but I’m more familiar with that creative power and you know, as a woman who was approaching this initiation that could power started to make contact and um, sometimes things come to the surface for clearing, you know, there’s old wounding or old patterns that no longer work and this happens for any initiation. But I thought for the first time very clearly when I was working with birthing women and so in order to truly support them, I, yeah, I had to really go on the path with them. It was this really intense, wonderful, beautiful time. Uh, I was a Doula, you know, her a lot. Like I would be like three or four births a month for a lot. For about a decade. Yeah. It was really intense for 300 births. And I’m really high success rate with natural birth because the women were so committed and they were prepared to meet this creative power and surrender and relax into it.
Alexis, 06:13
And, and I did the same thing. So alongside them I was, I was, as an artist, I didn’t realize it, but I was pretty blocked, you know, I was making small stuff, nothing. I wasn’t, yeah, I was making stuff but not at the level of where I wanted to go. And so when I started to do the deeper work alongside the birthing women, everything kind of popped open and I, and I cleared myself. He, it like this healing as a block artists and I was able to do bigger work. Um, did you commissions? I made a book, like it just, it just allowed more creative power to come through. Um, so that’s really what I do with women. Now I’m going to creativity mentor and I work with women to, um, support them as they birth their creative visions. And it’s using all of those same techniques.
Alexis, 07:18
So aligning with your creative cycles, your body, your whom, your power as a woman to bring forward a project. I worked with a lot of entrepreneurs, um, but really accessing that creative power so you can bring your vision to life.
Alexis, 08:11
Amazing, amazing. And Oh my gosh, there’s so much beauty in what you explained and the way that you explained it sounds so accessible and I do think that you’re right, that so many people have so many fears because that’s sort of the norm of what’s explained and, and sort of the general population that’s sort of what’s out there and they, that there are people like you ushering in or supporting and nurturing is probably the word nurturing that shift and change in mindset, um, realignment, sort of a rewiring even to help them understand what’s possible instead of, you know, be afraid of what might go wrong or what’s bad or what’s, you know, to avoid or resist. And a lot of what you’re saying too, which I resonate so much with this, it sounds like,
Ashley, 08:32
and this is just my language, you might have a different word for it, but it sounds like you’re sort of, helping people to become more and allowance with their bodies, their femininity with, with the womb, with birthing, with, and sort of on every level. It just sounds more in flow versus resistance. Does that feel true?
Ashley, 09:23
Absolutely. Yeah. It’s a, its a blossoming and it’s, you know, what I would say that I would say to women were when they were birthing human babies and creative babies, it’s um, it’s a personal. It’s like you are becoming the vessel that can birth it so that it’s your inner process of transformation and allowing and opening. So what wants to come through can come through with greater ease.
Alexis, 09:42
And truly, I love that you, I, I’m still so much thinking about, you know, the fear of the power, not the fear of the pain when you were speaking specifically about birthing a child and it does really transfer over to business women in business sort of being afraid to become successful or to have paying clients. because they do want them, but then there’s so much power there that it’s scary. So when you’re working with people, how do you support them through that?
Ashley, 10:08
it’s a really good question.
Alexis, 10:39
I do
Ashley, 10:41
That’s another, another tool in shamanism. And then there’s just the straight up piece where, you know, when you’re growing, when there’s more power coming in and you’re moving in a particular direction, they’re stretching, right? Like in birth there’s stretching. So it’s not necessarily comfortable but it doesn’t have to be its birth. So, you know, coming up with um, different ways that that particular woman can stretch and open is really important. And then a lot of conversation around the normalcy of it being uncomfortable, just like I would, you know, like if a woman was in birth, was saying this is uncomfortable. Giving her the reassurance that this is normal is like, I had a mentor say that to me today. I’m doing a really big project and I was telling her all about it and she’s like, oh, this is great. You’re growing. And it was like, OK, yes. All right, great reminder.
Alexis, 12:04
That happens with me in my business too, I, I will, you know, share things with people over and over again and I can always see it, but sometimes it comes up in my world and I don’t even recognize that this is what I’m helping everybody else with it. Oh yeah. Right, right. Anyway. Right. It’s so funny. You just need a different perspective. Someone from the outside looking in because it gets so focused sometimes. What I’m curious about because I know that you’re so intuitive and so I’m in touch and so aware and one of the things we first connected on was that were both Highly Sensitive People and proud of it. You know, it’s like, that’s, that’s a beautiful thing. And to me personally, I always say that Highly Sensitive People to me means highly aware of people at first, you know, are you a Highly Sensitive People, you know, get people to sort of relate to that. And then once I have your attention, everybody who’s listening, I then, you know, shifted gears. And really what I think is so beautiful about being highly sensitive is how, where you are. So I’m wondering who, A, what was your path to recognizing that you were highly sensitive, are highly aware, and B, do you find that you attract a lot of highly sensitive, are highly aware people within your business?
Ashley, 13:11
That’s a great question. Um, yeah, I love talking about this with you. Um, yeah. I don’t know. I can’t remember a time of not knowing I was a Highly Sensitive People. It was, that’s definitely pointed out out to me quite a bit. Um, and yeah, it was just something I always knew about myself, but actually I didn’t see it as a very positive thing. I felt like it was something, um, that people look down upon and it was something that I had to overcome a lot or hide, you know, so I didn’t start really seeing it as a real gift, um, until I started working in shamanism where I was like, oh, these are gifts, like being highly aware of realms other than this one, like being very aware of energy, of feeling it through all of my senses. This is actually a superpower, you know, this, this, this can actually, I can use is to be of great service to my clients, to the people around me because it’s like you can feel underneath what people are saying or sharing or, you know, like you can really feel people, you know.
Alexis, 14:25
And then it’s like that whole, the whole, um, you know, as you, you’re initiated on top path as a healer. It’s like, you know, and we’ve talked about a lot is like, OK, how do you then move through life without taking on everyone’s stuff? So that, for me, the shamanic training was really helpful for that to know what my energy was, how to be really compassionate, to really hold and compassion as opposed to empathy, like feel like taking on everything all of the time. Can you define how you view compassion? Sure. So this is, this is shampoo, Isa Guzzardi. I’m going to give her a mad props for this one. Art, um, of, of sacred stream, really foundational, the Sacred Shaman, Berkeley. It’s an incredible school for shamanic practices and Buddhist studies and she would talk about this difference between compassion and um, empathy and um, so, so I’ll just describe it actually in a birth environment though.
Alexis, 15:46
She had another example. I’m going to leave that for her. So, but I’m going to. So giving it in the birthday example. So if a woman is birthing, if I’m empathetic, right? Like I’m in a birthing space and I really strengthen, strengthen us and birth like this woman is going through it and being empathetic is I am taking on all of her, her, whatever’s coming up for her. So she’s suffering in the process. I’m taking on the suffering. I’m like feeling everything she’s feeling and I’m actually getting bogged down. I’m not really a great service in that role. Um, but if I’m holding and compassion and merging again from [inaudible] with my guy, it’s really grounding energetically being the ground in the space. I can go around in the field of compassion and it’s like I helped to hold a container. I can be having my own experience of watching a woman going through labor, but I’m not taking on her experience. I’m holding, I’m grounding and helping to hold a space and I’m witnessing Herman.
Alexis, 16:55
That’s amazing. That’s so perfectly, perfectly illustrated. That makes so much sense and I hope that helps so many of you listening or watching because that I think so many of you listening I’m guessing are probably empaths that are having extreme empathy, holding onto, you know, feeling, pulling all of those sensations and symptoms and emotions into you like you just described. And then there’s also the possibility of choosing to shift gears into compassion and look at it externally as they are dealing with it and they are processing their own. And how do I want to process this in my own personal way with that, processing it as they are. So I think you so much for offering that because I think that that was a really beautiful explanation and it helps me to have other stories and ways of explaining it. So that’s really wonderful. And so you do feel like you also have a lot of your clients tend to be sensitive?
Ashley, 18:02
Yeah, I work with, I mean I work with creative women, you know, like that, like artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries. It’s, it’s unnecessary, like being highly sensitive. It’s kind of goes with the job description and a lot of ways because they’re, you know, they’re, they’re again opening to these different creative realms. And so it’s, it’s again, really working with it as a gift. But yeah, definitely work with a lot of sensitive women.
Alexis, 19:11
Amazing. OK. So you’re working with all of these amazing sensitive women. What is a tool that you can offer us? Because I think a lot of the people listening are women who are sensitive also just like your clients. So it’s something you can offer to help us through something we might be experiencing.
Ashley, 19:40
That’s a good question. So what do I say? What do I offer my sensitivity? It is. So what’s coming to mind is allowing yourself to cry, are carving some space out to be with your heart and just feeling, feeling your heart and you know, crying for a sensitive person. It’s like sounds like peeing. It’s like it’s just, it’s just like the way you just have to let it go, you know?
Alexis, 19:57
Hold on to so much that like, yeah, just carving. I know for me like if I don’t, my husband is so good about it, you just look at me and he is just like bring it in, bring it in and like we are right. And you’re just like, I just need a cry. And one time I asked him, um, what, what do you do when I cry?
Alexis, 20:38
Because I, it’s just really see knows nothing is wrong and I’m just letting a. and he’s like, I go down the Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow… Perfect! Yeah, we’re a good match.
Alexis, 20:59
Oh my gosh, that’s so funny! Yeah, let yourself cry. You’re so right. That’s such a great suggestion. Such a great tip tool reminder because I find that so many people are suppressing their sensitivities to the point where they’re about to burst or they’re gonna get sick or you know, you know, a lot of the people that you might encounter might be suppressing their feelings and emotions so much that it suppresses their creativity. I find that that’s something that comes across your. You’re absolutely. Yeah,
Ashley, 21:13
Absolutely. So there’s a way, and I don’t know if we’ve talked about this before, but like, you know, when you’re highly sensitive, we’ve, we try to figure out. Yeah, we did talk about this as you’re talking about boundaries. Um, there are all of these ways that we try, we create boundaries, right? And so one way is we freeze, right? Like we get frozen so like nothing can come in, but then nothing comes out. And so it’s like, it’s like frozen. Yes. There’s nothing moving. So like crying it, like melts the ice.
Alexis, 21:50
I love that. That’s so true. It’s so, so true. And we really need to at least acknowledge what we’re experiencing so that we don’t bottle it up and stop the flow of energy because I think a lot of times when people get burnt out, super overwhelmed, super stressed, feeling defeated or fearful of the future, a lot of that is a symptom of stuck energy, of not expressing what’s inside, you know, or even suppressing maybe putting up boundaries that are like, you know, a steel eggshell, because you’re afraid to handle everything. So I mean, again, like, let me just sort of, you know, put that in your cart. So let’s say that you do have someone I know you just explained, you know, that there’s no movement, but what’s something else you could say maybe on top of it to take it a step further for people who are really stuck, you know, and they’re feeling petrified of taking the next step. I mean, I do see that there are like, they have no tools. They don’t know what to do. They know that they were creative and that they could be, but they’re not right now.
Ashley, 22:24
Yeah. So I mean that’s. So what they’re dealing with is creative resistance and right, and so this is all, I was just talking to a client about this. It’s, it’s never about fighting it, right? Or like being pissed at it or whatever. It’s like that creative resistance or that fear is there for a reason. And the thing is, is like someone who is experiencing so much fear about something, it’s because they’re actually this close to a creative breakthrough. And that’s why all the fear is coming up, right? Like going back to that fear of power, like the fear is so strong because it is doing everything it possibly can to keep that power at the small. So if we, if we shifted and we’re not afraid of the fear, if we approached the fear from a friendly place, a loving place and understanding place, like start communicating with fit.
Alexis, 23:29
So, um, something that I would offer, Zeke, you can write a letter to it. So if you’re feeling a lot of fear or creative resistance, um, you can write a letter to the fierce, you know, asking why it’s there and then just has the creative resistance or fear write you a letter back and share what it has to say. Like why is it there? Oftentimes it’s trying to protect you and you can open up this dialogue and, you know, communicate with the fear that you actually don’t need it any longer and that you’re shifting into something else and they’re oftentimes there’s some movement there that’s super powerful.
Alexis, 24:26
So I would like to take you back for a moment. I wanted to kind of wait until a little bit later in the interview to go here. So I, you know, I did hypnobirthing. I had a Doula for those of you who don’t know, and probably no one knows that very often, but I had a Doula and I was bringing my son and I went through hypnobirthing and um, I had natural childbirth and it was a really beautiful process. And the thing that I would love to ask you about, and I think I’d like to ask you about it in the context of being a Doula and then you know, within your business also because they, I bet it’s similar when I was pregnant and, and I’ll be honest, for a couple years before I was pregnant, I was in communication with my child and I was like talking to my child and I knew, you know, how many I was going to have and I knew exactly what my little boy was going to look like and my husband was having the same dreams of what he looks like and we would write it down and tell each other, you know, he’s almost five and you look just like that is just like everything we thought he told us he’s going to be super telepathic. And he was. And it was just a really interesting experience. So I would love if you could share some experiences of that sort of, you know, maybe the conversations you had with some of those soon to be moms about their child or getting in touch with the process. Like, I just thought, it’s so juicy to me. What can you share with me?
Ashley, 25:02
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That’s, I mean, that was a huge part of the work that I would do with, with women and I loved when women were really open to it and yeah, the women who are planning natural birthday overall, we’re really open to that. So yeah. I mean one of my best friends is coming to mind. She also did a lot of communication with her daughter before, before her birth. And yeah, just got a huge download about, um, the information, what, you know, what her daughter was coming in to do, like just total information. Actually both of my, two of my really good friends had that experience. Um, yeah. So funny. I, it was such a natural part of the prep that the women were connecting to the child because the child is their birth right. And it’s the mother moving out of the way so the child can be born. So a woman connecting to the wisdom and the intelligence of that being is a really key piece in, you know, the, the birth flowing in a particular way.
Alexis, 26:29
Yes. I love that. And it’s so fun to that. It’s so second nature to you. 300 births. Most of them were like this just organically thinking that it’s probably because your energy is attracting those types of people who are so in tune with their bodies in tune with energy capable and willing to be in touch with their intuition. Because I know, I mean I attract that within my business and with my friends, but like in my family and close by, not. I see also the opposition of I’m going to eat whatever I feel like, you know, not going to listen to what my body or my baby wants, I’m just gonna, you know, have the baby and pass it off. Then I’m going to go back to work. None of that’s wrong. It’s just so different than the way that we’re functioning. The way that we’re talking about is when you’re so highly sensitive, you’re so in tune. You’re listening to the ebb and flow and everything. It’s like you’re getting massive amounts of information all the time. Would you agree?
Ashley, 27:43
Absolutely. Yeah, and I think you’re bringing up a really good point. Just like as a practitioner, you’re absolutely right. Like I, I attracted and also I would always see like when I would have consultations because this is such a big experience, really making sure it’s the right fit, you know, that I am, I was the right practitioner for them and you know, that, that it’s just the right fit and that I’m going to be essentially my zone of genius and not in that place. Like really step into that. So yeah, I worked with, like I was saying, most women who are wanting a particular birth and was San Francisco and there’s a lot of information about this. But um, yeah, it was absolutely a big part of the preparation. And actually, what’s really interesting to me when, what’s coming up when you’re asking this question about the spirit babies, um, is I, I was doing a lot of work with fertility and you know, clients in my shamanic practice that, you know, maybe you’re having some difficulty getting pregnant and you know, it’s very medicalized at that, you know, when they’re doing fertility treatments and it was really cool to bring in the spiritual aspect and work with the spirits of the babies coming in and what that the babies were needing. Um, yeah. And then also there’s a, you know, what I have found quite often is that when women are feeling are creatively blocked, it’s usually most of the time it’s usually connected somehow to their reproduction. Like the woman,
Alexis, 28:47
Ashley, 30:20
so doing work, you know, like if a woman’s had an abortion or miscarriage and it hasn’t been fully processed, we do work there and sometimes split the babies come in there for some deeper work that needs to happen.
Alexis, 30:21
That makes so much sense. I am so glad that you’re sharing this and we’re spreading the word out there to let people know about this and to let them know that you do this kind of work to help people. Because I for sure I know so many people who’ve done IVF not even more than 10 close friends. It’s just, it’s very, very interesting. And now that we have, you know, you um, you know, who has information, awareness and processes to help us break through any infertility or at least look at different possibilities to see what I’d be able to be clear to maybe give you a little bit more. He’s process. I think that’s so great to acknowledge because sometimes you only know what’s presented to us and so I’m so glad you’re presenting this as an option because it just think a lot of people don’t know that it’s possible to do those types of clearings with reproductive systems or old stagnant energy from miscarriages, abortions or whatever. Right?
Ashley, 30:36
Yeah. And there’s, and you know, I have some clients who after we’d done some work together, like they haven’t had their period and a year and then we do the deeper work and they get their period. I, those are some great calls. ” I got it last night!” It’s like focus on seeing this is, you know, the room is the creative center for a woman. So becoming intimate with it, not only when you’re pregnant, like I don’t have children. And so for a long time I was ignoring my womb and that didn’t work. That didn’t work. And so yeah, it’s like, OK, it’s like really paying attention to that part and like what, what information it has for you.
Alexis, 31:35
It really sounds like you have such a common theme with everything that you’ve shared about getting people back into flow or more and to flow like literally and figuratively, you know, within their creativity, within their bodies with their womb and everything. Do you agree?
Ashley, 32:18
I do. And I, yeah, I was thinking today as like, oh yeah, it’s helping women come back to life.
Alexis, 32:36
Yeah. Do you find that a lot of women are not fully living? Yeah, what does that look like? What are some of the signs?
Ashley, 32:42
Um, well, it, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, um, mythology, disease of some kind, sickness, sickness on an emotional or physical level. Um, yeah, just that, just, just low, low vibration like just heaviness.
Alexis, 32:51
Yeah, absolutely. I see that too. So some of these symptoms might mean that you’re not, you know, fully living and, and so it’s, yeah, it’s getting more into living in and being invigorated with life once again. I mean there’s, there’s such a different place to be and that is absolutely possible and it doesn’t have to be super challenging to get there. Would you agree with that?
Ashley, 33:18
Absolutely. And it’s, you know, everyone’s in a different spot and I’m saying, you know, that’s, that’s a big generalization. Like um, when I think of, you know, the women that I know, it’s, yeah, everyone’s in a different spot so it’s bringing more life like coming, you know, when I look at my clients, every time I see him there’s just like more life in them, right? Because they’re just bringing more creative flow into their systems in their life. So it’s like, yeah, just a well spring of like power coming back into their lives. So yeah. So it can be actually pleasurable.
Alexis, 33:43
Yeah. I don’t even feel like I hear a lot of people talk about that. I mean truly, how lovely would it be to, to get pleasure from your life, you know,? We’re almost to the end of this, but this is very inspiring to me having this conversation with you. I was on the Internet today and I saw a Brendon Burchard ad and he said something and I just thought it was so brilliant. He said, you know, if we’re having trouble in your relationship, you know, and you’re complaining about it, what have you done to create a lovely experience versus just sitting around tapping, you’re tapping your foot on the floor saying, well, it’s not working. It’s not working and putting all the pressure on the other person to create or to appeal or to please you or something like that, or to create joy for you. So I was like, Oh yeah, what can I create today that would be enjoyable? And you know, is this making your wheel spin?
Ashley, 34:18
Absolutely. Yeah. What can I create today? Like you’re. And so asking that question is just allowing yourself to be an active co creator of your life.
Alexis, 35:19
Really, totally not just following the stuff to do that. That’s amazing. So alright, so we’re finishing up here. Would love to know what is, what is your one sort of encouraging piece of advice or just maybe even just words of encouragement to others who are struggling and they will thrive more in their lives.
Ashley, 35:28
What’s coming to mind, dear, lovely people, is that you have got this, you have got this, you can do this, you are loved and you are supported. And if you’re feeling alone, reach out to people around you for support. But you can do this. You can take that step, that step closer to yourself and to your dreams. You’ve absolutely got this.
Alexis, 35:53
You’re so heartfelt. Say that. It’s not like, oh, so wonderful hearing that. Yes, I could do it, do it, do it. But yeah, it felt really good. So, um, I know that you have some really wonderful things to share with everyone. Can you just, at least at the minimum, tell everyone how they can stay in touch with you. Please,
Ashley, 36:20
please stay in touch with me. Um, so yeah, so I will, I guess there’ll be a link to my website. So if AlexisCohen.Org you can shoot me an email at Um, if you’re interested in speaking with me, I’m offering a complimentary session. It’s a phone call. It’s called a creative growth mapping session. And in this session we’ll hone in on your creative vision and will address any obstacles or blocks that might be getting in your way and talk about a strategy to move you closer to your dreams.
Alexis, 36:42
Are you also active on social media?
Ashley, 37:19
I am. So yeah. Alexis Cohen
Alexis, 36:21
I’ll posts links of all the media too. So you can go to her site, I can stay in touch and then you can have the social media. I always think it’s really fun to do the social media to write. I’m pretty addicted myself.
Ashley, 37:26
I’m actually getting an assistant so that will do that soon.
Alexis, 37:46
OK, great. So you’ll be more active soon. So whenever people are listening, you know, you’ll probably be really revving it up at that point. So I hope everyone who’s listening will continue to take the next steps with Alexis and take her up on, you know, getting connected with her and be sure to subscribe to the series and get involved in the conversation and both of us would so love to hear from you. So please comment in the area below and both of us will reply. So please go ahead and comment and let us know if you have any questions. We are here for you. And thank you again for joining us and thank you. Thank you Alexis for joining the. I’m so grateful that you were here.
Ashley, 37:48
Well thank you so much for inviting me, Ashley, and thank you everybody. Bye everyone. Bye.
Alexis, 38:26

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Visual Artist, Women’s Creativity Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner

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