Changing Your Future

Changing Your Future

Would you like to change tomorrow’s trauma and drama today? What if you could actually change something now that prevented you from getting caught up in the mess of tomorrow? Sound appealing?

Who do you think determines the life that shows up tomorrow? Is it you or someone else? If you said it’s you, then doesn’t that knowing empower you to realize that you create your future and that you can now open a new door to creating something different for yourself?

What would you like your life to look like, feel like and how would you like your life to function? It’s critical for us to recognize that our judgments play a huge role in creating our future. The judgments we construct make an impact on what we create. No judgment about the future creates a future without judgment.

Anytime you have a fixed point of view, whether it is positive or negative is actually a judgment. The opposite of judgment is being in allowance. When you look at everything around you, as an “interesting point of view”, you are being in allowance and non-judgment.

Allowance doesn’t have resistance, and when you’re not resisting, things will flow with much more ease for you. Whenever we have a judgment, it automatically puts us in a place where we are unable to see anything that doesn’t match our judgment. The judgment is incredibly limiting. Being in allowance gives us limitless possibilities for what we can create with our lives.

What sounds better, judgment or allowance? These are some of the questions I ask to get me focused on creating that works for me:

  • What would I like my life to look like?
  • What would I like my life to feel like?
  • How would I like my life to function?
  • What can I choose today that will create a future that is more phenomenal than I ever imagined was possible?
  • Who or what can I add to my life that will contribute to my future?
  • What choices do I have that I wasn’t aware of?
  • What choices can I make today that are free from judgment?

Remember that you ALWAYS have choice, and you are the most powerful creator of your life. Whenever you make a choice, you are creating your life. Whether you are choosing for or against you, every choice is creating your future.


Article written by: Ashley Stamatinos, RMT, BF   |   Founder Omorfi Healing   |   |

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Ashley Stamatinos is a five-time #1bestselling author with over 10 years of experience helping Highly Sensitive People. She has also been referred to as the Empath Expert because of her extensive work helping people to stop living in survival mode, and step into thriving in all areas of life.