Learn How To Turn Your Emotional Sensitivities Into Strengths

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Stepped Out Of Survival Mode And Started Thriving

Before working with Ashley I was constantly feeling drained. I was always picking up pains from other people and I didn’t even know I was doing this. Ashley really helped me to empower myself and really understand what was happening to cause this on an energetic level. She teaches really simple and incredibly effective tools to help you release what you’ve been picking up and to be in a state where you can feel healthy and happy constantly. I use these tools all day every day and I’m so grateful for them. I really am seeing that I was barely surviving in my past. Honestly, to me Ashley’s examples are like training wheels on a bike that I forgot I even had under me to ride. If you’re considering working with Ashley, do yourself a favor and do it. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose at all.

Charlotte Elisabeth, Licensed Massage Therapist & Professional Performer

Gain Confidence & Found Courage To Follow Her Dream Career

I’ve been working with Ashley since 2015. She’s taught me a lot about myself. One of her best phrases is “what you resist persists.” My biggest ahha moment from working with Ashley was when I found out I was an Empath. Now that I know that I was able to heal myself. She’s also taught me how to expand my energy and now I’m able to work on communicating with animals. Ashley’s also changed my life in many other ways. I’m now launching my business and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without her. She’s an amazing teacher, healer and coach. Please take one of her classes and one of her webinars. Once you see how beautiful and energizing she is you’ll be hooked.

Lisa Reining, Animal Communicator & Healer

From Frequent Burnout to More Energy And Ultimately More Money

I first began working with Ashley in 2012. As an empath running my own coaching business, I really struggled with my energetic sensitivity as my business grew and I started taking on more clients. Before working with Ashley, I had a really hard time managing my energy. As much as I loved my work, I would often burn out and would have no choice but to take time to recoup. This inevitably led to not serving my clients as well as I wanted, as well as less income coming in during those times. With the help of Ashley’s practical tools and mindset shifts, I was able to end my cycle of burning out and assist my clients on a greater level. I am so grateful for Ashley’s support and would highly recommend working with her if you love your service-based work, but struggle with burn out due to your energetic sensitivity. Thank you Ashley!

Lauren Wardell, Mindset Coach
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