Navigating the Holidays and Staying Emotionally Healthy

Learn to Handle Social Situations with Ease and Beat the Holidays Blues

Ready to create a holiday season where you don’t feel like you need a vacation from your holiday break? Together let’s explore these topics, such as your relationship with family, money, your boss, your co-workers, your kids and your spouse from a new perspective. We’ll also discuss feelings of lack of money, lack of significant other and lack of emotional and physical energy. You’ll receive lots of tools and stories to show you how being “sensitive” and “aware” can work to your advantage during this intense time of the year.

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Here’s Exactly What You’ll Receive Within Navigating The Holidays and Staying Emotionally Healthy

  • Video: You’ll receive 3 videos that were recorded live with a group of people asking questions and participating on the video calls. This included 3 hours of video replay content.

  • MP3: All the the video content will also be provided to you as MP3’s, so you can download and easily listen on-the-go. This way you can incorporate consuming this course while you’re doing your everyday activities.

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Take It From These Happy Students

Ashley has helped thousands of Highly Sensitive People over the years. If these students can learn the skills
that change their lives for the better, then you can too.

Went From Victim to Victor

Before I met Ashley I was lost and my life was pretty messy. I was looking for guidance and inner peace. Ashley has provided me with the support and tools for me to grow and prosper. She has helped me learn how to control my emotions and become a victor instead of a victim. If you are looking to work with Ashley, I highly recommend it. She’s an inspiration and her drive is contagious. You won’t be disappointed.
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Diana DeJong, Real Estate Consultant

Removed Negative Self Talk & Found New Niche in Business

I have always known that I was a sensitive person, but I recently realized there was another name for it…an Empath. Being so sensitive was stopping me from accessing my confidence to build my business as a health coach. I can strongly feel the emotions of people around me and they often would shut me down. I always thought I was weak, and other people shielded themselves better than I did. I didn’t know how to interact socially and often left feeling drained. Working with Ashley, I’ve learned to empower and ground myself and it’s an incredible weight off my shoulders and socials settings are now much more enjoyable! I don’t feel bombarded or debilitated by those emotional any longer. Ashley is a lovely bright soul and I’m so glad that she has chosen to share all of her wonderful gifts with us. Ashley’s wisdom and guidance is spot on! If you’re feeling “stuck” in life – I would highly recommend working with Ashley!
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Tammy Frank, Registered Nurse & Health Coach

Gained New Focus In Business & Personal Confidence

Working with Ashley was a great experience. She has a way of seeing things in your life from a perspective that is difficult for you to see yourself. And she always knows the right questions to ask to open you up to new possibilities and potentials. She teaches you tools that you can use over and over that help you empower yourself to move forward in your life with confidence. In our sessions we worked through several things going on in my life and she was not only able to navigate through them with ease, but could see the patterns and how they were interrelated. Plus she’s a lot of fun to work with. I highly recommend working with her.

Connie Schumman, Product Manager
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Still Wondering If This is For You?

Does This Sound Like What You’ve Been Experiencing?

  • Do you find yourself feeling anxious around family gatherings, and you leave feeling like you need a vacation from our family?

  • Do you feel increased stress about making enough money to buy gifts for others?

  • Do you find yourself comparing your life to others more than usual during the holiday season?

  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the level of awareness you have, and it just seems to be growing?
  •  Have you been trying to push down your awareness in an effort to feel more comfortable?
  •  Are you wondering if your awareness keeps increasing how you will be able to handle your life?

Here’s The Good News

Even though it’s not the holiday season right NOW, this 3 part series will give tools, tips, stories and strategies to prepare you for all social situations. Why not start now? Would you like to be better equipped to handle anything that comes your way? This is one of those magical topics that is a gift at ANY time of the year. Ready to jump in? This course is ready and waiting for you to start right now.

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Here’s The Good News

I’ve been there… sick, sad and in physical and emotional pain. I’m no longer living like that… and I have been happy and healthy for a long time.

You probably get stressed easily right? You’re not alone, but it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

You’re invited to join me as I share the key tools and strategies with you… for 78% off!

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