Do We All Have a Book Within Us?

Do We All Have a Book Within Us?

Have you ever heard the phrase “everyone has a book within them”? Well, I never really subscribed to that point of view until I had a very inspiring call.

One of my all time favorite clients and I just had a rockin’ session together the other day. Not unlike many of my other clients, she wanted to talk about how she could step into her life purpose and feel a greater sense of fulfillment.

She was looking to be a greater contribution to the world. Can you relate?

About half way through our phone call we had a major breakthrough. She had been telling me how she was looking through a billion cook books and online recipes and couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for.

She realized no one out there had offered exactly what she wanted.

I asked her this question “What if you knew something that no one else knows about cooking and preparing food? What if you could write a book about what you know and what you like”?

With this, she lit up like a light bulb with excitement and passion. Yes! She now had uncovered a natural gift of hers that she didn’t realize she possessed.

Through our session we had basically written the first two chapters of her book, and after we hung up she was going to write them out and get started with outlining the rest of her book.

How exciting… a new author is born!!!

Maybe we all do have a book within us. What’s your natural capacity that you’d like to share with the world?

If you’re thinking you might be interested in writing a book, here are a few questions to ask:

  1. What do I know that no one else knows?
  2. What do I enjoy so much that writing about it wouldn’t feel like work?
  3. Does my book want to be written now or in the future?
  4. If I wasn’t afraid of failing what would be my next step?

As always, ask the question, and don’t look for the answer. The awareness will come to you, and you may even find that things start flowing better than you ever imagined!

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About the Author:

Ashley Stamatinos is a five-time #1bestselling author with over 10 years of experience helping Highly Sensitive People. She has also been referred to as the Empath Expert because of her extensive work helping people to stop living in survival mode, and step into thriving in all areas of life.

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  1. Leslie Dunn February 17, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Thank you Ashley!!!!

    Your video is PHENOMENAL in both informative content and accurate assessment (of Empaths/HSPs).
    I am in awe of your articulation of concepts and experiences “we” HSPs “feel” and encounter that, previously, I had no “language” to express the how and why (of) my sensitivities; the way they were impacting me, much less to describe what they were (are).

    Thank you for your insightful awareness, your loving spirit and generosity in sharing this information.
    That you inform and equip both HSPs and Non(HSPs) about ways to interact, exchange and reciprocate is truly BLESSING & TRANSFORMATIVE. More please!!!!
    Love & Light

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