Highly Sensitive Person in a Relationship

Since my husband and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary, I felt inspired to make a video for you about Being a Highly Sensitive Person in a Relationship. 

Empaths & HSP’s do not function the same as everyone else in a relationship, so this video is worth watching as I’ll break it down for you and your partner.

In truth, I really made this video so you can share it with your partner to teach them about how you function.

My husband often tells me I hear things better when other people tell me the same thing that he’s told me a million times. Can you relate?

If you are in a relationship with an Empath, or YOU are the Empath, then it’s very important that you understand a few key points about how we function differently in relationships.

Here are 6 keys for the Non-Empath in your relationship:

  1. We respond best if you communicate from a place of emotions instead of logic.
  2. We get overwhelmed, stressed and burnt-out faster than others.
  3. We need alone time to recuperate (it’s not to push you away).
  4. We will often appear overly dramatic because we feel everything with more intensity (we are not intentionally being dramatic).
  5. We often appear high-maintenance because we need to do a lot to stay healthy and balanced.
  6. We are natural caretakers and often take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves.

Just for the record, I’m an Empath and my husband is not!

Be sure to check out this video to see what I’ve learned from being in a relationship with a Non-Empath. It’s all the information I wish I knew in the beginning of my relationship.

Article written by: Ashley Stamatinos, RMT, BF | Founder Omorfi Healing | |

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Ashley Stamatinos is a five-time #1bestselling author with over 10 years of experience helping Highly Sensitive People. She has also been referred to as the Empath Expert because of her extensive work helping people to stop living in survival mode, and step into thriving in all areas of life.

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