How to Detach from the Outcome

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a distressed client (let’s call her Jill) and she told me her sibling was suicidal and in the hospital.

Jill was very conflicted about how to handle the situation. She told me she felt determined to persuade her sibling to choose life.

There were a lot of feelings of guilt and blame coming up during our session. There were also a lot of “shoulds” in her vocabulary about how she felt she was obligated to help her family during this time (even if it was going to drain her and put her in a bad place).

I know that this is a bit of a heavy topic, but stick with me if you will, because what I did with Jill gave her an entirely new point of view about how to deal with her sibling.

What I’m about to share with you in the video is also what I shared with a second client of mine who was struggling with her weight.

During her struggle with weight loss, she kept making big goals and setting up vision boards and she lost sight of the present moment because she was fully focused on her desired outcome.

Check out what I shared with each of these women that lead them to tell me that this message was a game changer for them. 

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Within this video I also talk about the mindset shift I made, so that when I teach a class, I don’t feel drained after I’m done. 

Article written by: Ashley Stamatinos, RMT, BF | Founder Omorfi Healing | |

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