How To Successfully Handle The Holidays

How To Successfully Handle The Holidays

Right now I have the song “Let it go” in my head from the movie Frozen. Can you relate? Yes, we still play that movie in my home…over and over and over again.

I think I can recite the entire movie by heart!

My son is still completely captivated by that song. Actually, the name of that song “Let it go” inspired this email. Thanks Pixar!

It’s now December and family gathering are approaching quickly. Do you ever get anxiety about the holidays? Have you ever felt uncomfortable after leaving a holiday gathering…wondering why you felt so uncomfortable…what you said wrong… or thinking how you felt like the black sheep?

Do you ever feel yourself feeling more alone in a group of people then when you’re by yourself?

I can relate! I used to feel all of these things, and more when in social situations. I also regularly felt my energy had been drained after going to a grocery, a bar or a family gathering.

If you can relate, you’re most likely an “empath”, also known as a highly sensitive person. I’m an ubber super dupper empath (that’s totally a technical term…that I made up). I’ve learned by trial and error over the years how to handle this heightened sensitivity with grace.

I now walk through life and social gatherings with much more ease. I too will have moments of feeling the pull of others, but now with the tools I use, I can readjust quickly and avoid getting burnt out and drained.

I want you to know you’re not alone. I’m here…and there are many people out there who have a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity like you do.

Close your eyes and connect with all of us, and know we are all in this together.

At this time of year we feel even more sensitive than usual because of the heightened about of stress and chaos that we are aware of all around us. Remember that anytime someone is judging you, that judgment is about them, not you. Should I say that again? Anytime someone is judging you, that judgment is about them, not you. If you are defending yourself when they judge you, you are the one making it about you.

Don’t feed into their drama, instead recognize that the person throwing out judgments is the one with the insecurities. As the song from the movie Frozen says, “Let it go”, because it’s not about you.

If you find yourself feeling really insecure around someone, ask yourself if that insecurity belongs to you, or if you are picking up on their deeply covered up insecurity? It’s most likely theirs.

There are a few questions that I use daily that have really been helping me, and I’d like to share them with you. I have taped these questions to the inside of my bathroom cabinet to remind me to ask them before I walk out the door. You can use these questions for any social encounter. You can simply direct these questions to the universe as you ask them in your head (not necessary to ask them out loud).

Ask these before you enter social gathering:

  • What exactly do they require of me?
  • What can I say that they can receive?
  • What level of intensity is required of me here? (maybe nothing…maybe a lot)
  • If I say this what will it create?
  • If someone is being aggressive or defensive with you ask these questions:
  • Is this about me or is this about them?
  • If I say this will it be a kindness to these people?
  • How can I turn this around, or divert the energy so I am receiving total ease?
  • What can I say or do to change the way we are interacting?

As always, ask the question, and don’t look for the answer. The awareness will come to you, and you may even find that things start flowing than you ever imagined!



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