How To Turn an Obstacle Into an Opportunity

How To Turn an Obstacle Into an Opportunity

Sometimes in life we might feel like there are so many factors working against us, that we have more challenges than opportunities. What if I told you there was actually an opportunity in every obstacle?

I come across obstacles big and small pretty much every day, and instead of going into frustration and seeing the obstacle as a set-back, I look at it and say “thank you”. That allows me to stop myself from going into judgment and resistance, which would only add fuel to the obstacle.

Something I know to be true, is that every obstacle is there because it’s teaching you something you asked for.

For instance, I’m putting together this big five week intensive right now on the topic of empowering highly sensitive people. I’ve been teaching on this topic for years, so I thought I’ll just teach what I already know. I ended up learning a lot more about this topic in the process of putting together the course, and it took a lot longer than I thought it would.

I made a commitment to the universe before I started working on this course. I committed to stepping it up in a big way and really offering education, guidance and empowerment to anyone out there who was ready to turn their sensitivities into strengths.

Turns out that’s kinda a big commitment! Well, silly me thinking that this commitment wouldn’t create massive changes in every area of my life.

It makes me giggle as I write this. How did I not see the big changes coming? Duh!

I’ll tell you what; it’s not always comfortable on the way to greater consciousness.

Let’s just say, my sensitivities turned way up in every area of my life including as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister, as a wife, as a teacher and as a friend. My consciousness expanded and I was challenged in ways that I thought might break me…. and still I said thank you to the obstacles.

I could have looked at this increased awareness as discomfort or as a problem and resisted against it, but instead I thanked all of those things that were seemingly obstacles and I asked myself “Is this exactly what I asked for?”…and I got a big YES.

Everything I was experiencing was setting me up to have more ways to connect to all of you, and share more personal stories about how I saw sensitivities and turned them into great strengths.

What if the changes that you perceive as problems were actually exactly what you asked for and they just didn’t look the way you thought they would… yet?

The longer we look at the change or obstacle as “wrong”, “bad” or “negative”, we will stay in resistance of receiving the opportunity.

If you’re dealing with an obstacle, the fastest way to improve your current situation is to make peace with it. If you can look at your obstacle and see where you can be grateful for the gifts within it, then you will be stepping out of the resistance and into new opportunities.

Have you ever made a choice to be a contribution to the world in some way, and then suddenly your life got really tough and your dream seemed far away? What if that “obstacle” was actually the opportunity you asked for in disguise?

Now you know that you have the power to change any obstacle into an opportunity.

Here are the four steps:
1. Look at the obstacle and say thank you.
2. Ask yourself, “Is this the change I’ve been asking for”?
3. Next stop judging it as wrong or bad, and ask yourself “what is the opportunity in this”?
4. Last, remind yourself that this is in fact the change you asked for, and if you stop resisting it, you’ll get through it faster and with more ease.

Here are a few questions to ponder each time you feel like you’re dealing with challenges or obstacles in your life:

• What if all the places in your life that seem like challenges and problems were actually gifts and opportunities?
• If you were to allow the shift instead of resist them would you be able to receive the gifts with more ease?
• What is the opportunity within this obstacle that I have not acknowledged yet?


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