Maria Hunt on A Sensitive Person’s Digestive Issues

Some of the topics we covered in this conversation…

  • [03:42] For years, she was totally exhausted and anxious.

  • [06:40] She talks about how her entire life was about push, push, push, push, burnout, burnout.

  • [10:34] What is leaky gut & what are the symptoms?

  • [15:53] How to understand what your body is telling you.

  • [16:51] How Ashley healed her asthma by healing her gut.

  • [18:39] 95% percent of Serotonin (our happy hormones) comes from the gut, not the brain.

  • [21:10] How to reduce candida.

  • [24:37] What our oxalates?

  • [28:13] What is means when, no matter how much sleep you get, you can never wake up feeling refreshed.

  • [29:00] Why oxalates are an anti-nutrient, and what that means.

  • [33:17] What to look for with kids on the spectrum that have “staple” foods.

  • [36:11] A few things you can economically add to your diet to reduce oxalates.

  • [43:07] One of the ways Maria reduces her sugar cravings.

  • [47:51] A word of encouragement from Maria to you.

  • [48:41] Maria talks about a time when she had panic attacks.

Here is the in-depth conversation…

Ashley: 00:01
Hello. Hello everyone. Welcome to the rewire show. I’m so excited that you’ve joined us today. I have an amazing guest on the show today. Maria Hunt is here. Welcome Maria.

Maria: 00:15
Hi Ashley. How are you?

Ashley: 00:16
Oh, I’m so elated that we’re talking about this topic that I think is beyond valuable and so important for everybody to learn about and I wish that I had learned about it way earlier in my life. So I’m so grateful you’re here.

Maria: 00:34
You and I both!

Ashley: 00:38
So we’re giving you a golden nugget of information, hopefully way earlier in your life so that you can have tools we wish we had.

Ashley: 00:49
So for those of you who are not yet familiar with Maria, let me tell you just a little bit about her. Uh, Maria hunt is Australia’s own, good gut expert, and the first to bring the breakthrough body ecology diet from the United States to the shores of Australia. She’s passionate, fun, and down to earth health advocate and Maria practices alongside a medical doctor in Sydney using the body ecology principles. Maria has extensive experience dealing with Candida, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid and autoimmune disorders, food allergies, chronic fatigue, malabsorption and digestive disorders, so I’m sure none of you have experienced any of those. Right? I know. I can like check off a lot of those. I’m excited to talk about those. Exactly. Yes. Maria too. She’s checking. Maria also balances are two busy. NSW practices with regular TV appearances as a spokesperson for AGN foods via the TBSM health channel and she’s been a guest presenting for the chef Pete Evans TV series, the Paleo way.

Ashley: 02:00
Maria is a health practitioner. She’s a certified body ecology practitioner and master practitioner of NLP, which we’ll have to talk about that. Another show. There’s so many things I want to ask her about. And also hypnotherapy and she’s a Boeing therapist and polarity therapist. I mean, oh my goodness. All of these amazing things. So she also is the head of Australia with the state’s body ecology diet. So seeing massive results and helping thousands of lives have become healthy lives now. So I’m so grateful that you’re here. And again, thank you for being here.

Maria: 02:37
So good to be. Isn’t technology fantastic on the world?

Ashley: 02:42
Yes. It’s going to tell them where you are right now.

Ashley: 02:46
I’m actually downtown Armida about a five and a half hours north of Sydney in Australia, so nothing in the mountains and it’s about a minus six degrees, so it’s cold. I’m not sure what your conversion but yeah, very cold.

Ashley: 03:04
So you’re talking in Celsius right now.

Maria: 03:08
I’d have to convert to your Fahrenheit.

Maria: 03:11
You can just look it up on Google than I am right outside of Chicago, Illinois in the states. So that’s what’s so cool about technology. You’re right that we can meet like this and you know,, it works out so well. Amazing. Well I have so many things I really want to talk to you about. So let’s kind of start at the beginning. I would love if you could tell me a little bit more about you and your personal journey to getting into this work.

Maria: 03:41
Okay. I had years totally exhausted and anxious. I’m always on the edge and it’s like that, you know, that fight or flight feeling. That’s what I was just living in Ireland pumping and such bondage to my emotions. Stress was not my friend. It took a toll on the brain. God immune system, nervous system. It was just sick years with unexplained gut issues. I developed thyroid imbalance, adrenal fatigue and it was just, it was just overwhelming and you know, you get to that stage, we go out so many times I’ve lost count and I’ve just become back then or all my life, so sensitive I could and there’s pros and cons to that sensitivity because I’m pretty good at working into a walk into a room and I can suss out pretty quickly I can suss out the energy of the room pretty quickly. So it kind of makes it that safety zone which is, which is good.

Maria: 04:45
So I’ve learned how to deal with being me on and I like to do that are all different levels spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally. I think if you can come through so many different aspects it can really jelling so other laid lots and lots of research which we were talking about earlier about DNA of studying, of DNA. And then that gave me a greater understanding of myself like biochemistry and also too with NLP with different patterns and breaking those negative loops. So that’s, that was so beneficial for me to be able to break the negative loops. So within this whole journey. Then I, uh, I ended up about 30 years ago over in the states studying with the infamous Donna Gates and the body ecology, diet cheese. Brilliant. And Donna has been so generous to me. Every year I go over and I stay at her house and um, yeah.

Maria: 05:42
So we’re good friends and I really appreciate that we have just so much and it’s just kept expanding on because she was way ahead of his self with, in getting the bacteria up and going. And then also, uh, fortunate to, to hook up with a and food here in Australia. So they make all the drinks and actually shipped them to Donna over in LA. So a. and so they’re masters at fermentation. So the three of us have kind of joined together. We’ve got this great ally. They’re working and helping people with that continuum gotten bad to get it back in into balance. I’m also a big believer in overlaying meditation took me years to get to get the hang of it though. I feel go to tell you I was hopeless at meditating. Do I have to sit here any longer. I’ve go to go. My whole life was push, push, push, push, burnout, burnout. So eventually I got the gift of it and the heavens for that. So I loved the meditation, bringing it enabled to calm my body down. And also too, as we were talking about ToshaSilver.com. She’s a wonderful person over there in the states. I love her because she’s all about stop pushing. So that was a great wake up call for me. Um, and then I accept, you know, every day it’s still a work in progress, but it’s come a long way from where I started.

Ashley: 07:18
Amazing. And you know, when you started telling me about the story where you were when you were just, you know, in the stress fight or flight constantly, I can just hear the energy of everybody who’s listening saying that is exactly what I’m dealing with because it’s so true. I mean, and I’ve, I’ve spoken to so many of the listeners and they’re so stuck in that, you know, that heightened fight or flight space where, where does almost feel like a desperate space. Like I can’t continue. Like I said, it’s, it’s painful and it’s exhausting and it’s like constantly pushing, like you said too.

Maria: 07:59
yeah. And it’s, it’s every day just waking up in that state. And that is exhausting. And it really compounds your gut and you’ve got huge brain, gut, immune system, the whole lot. It just compounds it. And you can have the best. You know, I have spent literally hundreds of thousand dollars of my hills with the best vitamins and minerals and protocols and cell therapy in Mexico to the states, to other therapies and my backside to drip in my arm. You know? So you’ve got to be out of the body down.

Ashley: 08:41
Absolutely, yes. And so you also had mentioned that you were finally now able to meditate and this is a little bit of a jump forward, but I’m just so curious. Can you find that it’s easier for you to meditate when gut is more balanced?

Maria: 08:58
It is. It is because your body is a lot calmer and you’re not so agitated, so just calms everything down and then it eases. So it’s a bit of the chicken before the egg because when you can actually hit that meditation then it does calm down the gut and the stress hormones. So yeah, either way just yet. It was a godsend for me to be able to just take that space.

Ashley: 09:26
Amazing. So I’m hearing you say that meditation can help you calm down, but then also when you’re calm it’s easier to meditate. So they’re both really good spaces.

Maria: 09:37
Both are a win, so just jump in. Even my, you know, and then I did two hours and I had so much pushing to go what to do two hours and it was just, it was insane with this and now it’s like, just like go of it all.

Ashley: 09:59
agree, let go and the expectations of the need of the outcome when you let go, there’s so much more fluidity in your life.

Maria: 10:10
exactly. And now whole life in the western world is so geared to achieving, you know, we have to, we’ve got to get this done. And otherwise, you know, there’s a rating system of how well you’ve done. Um, so to be able to step out of that, that’s fantastic. You know, every now and then you put your toe back in, you go “no! get out”.

Ashley: 10:35
Yes. So, all right. You have, you have talked a little bit, you’ve touched quite a bit, uh, you know, on hinting towards what we’re talking about leaky gut. So let’s get, let’s kind of talk about the foundational element of what it is. So can you share with us what is leaky gut and maybe would also share like what are some of the symptoms?

Maria: 10:58
Some of the symptoms are chronic diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, nutritional deficiency, compromised immune system, headaches, brain fog, memory, last, excessive skin rashes and problems with acne, those insane craving, the sugars and carbs, arthritis, joint pain, um, undiagnosed depression, anxiety, add, adhd, um, any auto immune diseases, respiratory, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Celiac, Crohn’s, all of these can go back and be symptoms of a, the leaky gut. So basically the leaky gut is intestinal permeability whereby the lining of the small intestine is damaged and when it’s damaged, which you’ve got tight junctions, the cells, but when it’s damaged, it makes the intestinal lining there open up and it creates gaps. And that causes undigested food particles, toxins, bacteria to actually leak through the intestines and into the blood stream. And Gluten is the number cause of leaky gut. Well, what are the major, major causes of leaky gut? It’s so harsh on our digestive track and other inflammatory foods, a dairy, toxic foods such as sugar, processed foods, excessive alcohol, and then we have infections that can cause a leaky gut with Candida. And that’s where we overlays, so will the body ecology, diet, intestinal parasites, and SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. So leaky gut. It’s an integral part also to have any child with autism, adhd. And it appears that brain function. So it’s so harsh on our actual system.

Ashley: 13:02
So many of you who are listening are trying not to laugh at how many boxes you just checked off of all the symptoms that Maria just said because or listed off because I was listening and I know that I had such bad leaky gut. I had really bad leaky gut, brain fog. I had psoriasis. I mean I had a, just a laundry list of like, you know, even thought I had, um, you know, arthritis and I’m, oh, I can’t even remember all of the things that I had. But one of the things that was the most, the biggest struggle for me is my brain fog. And my exhaustion and the anxiety. And I was always in the fight or flight. I was always like buzzing. I was always like, high. And I, I didn’t want to be like that and it was so awful to have such severe brain fog all the time that I dove deep into taking care of healing my gut. And I have no brain fog. I wake up and I am awake and aware and I don’t have any of the symptoms anymore.

Ashley: 14:19
I’m just, I’m a fan of what you do.

Maria: 14:26 That’s the game changer, isn’t it? And you just go, here I am, I’m into the day. And you could get out through and enjoy it. And what tends to happen to Ashley is when you start to feel better, you forget where you’ve come from. It’s true. It just go, oh my gosh, I’ve come alll that way, you know? And it’s really, it’s a big thing too to make that. So well done for you to getting on that path.

Ashley: 14:54
Oh my goodness. And I’m a mom. And so having energy consistently and not being exhausted, stressed all the time is important to me.

Maria: 15:15
It’s compulsory found with children, you have to have energy to have energy!

Ashley: 15:19
But a lot of moms that I encounter are in the brain fog and have, you know, severe exhaustion, have a lot of the symptoms that you were talking about and they don’t know to look at their gut and a lot.

Maria: 15:33
That’s a really good point too. As she puts a lot of people, will they accept that as a default point? Again, this is not how we need to be. We can change. So if you’ve got that oil light flashing on the dashboard saying that those symptoms is not what we need to accept, it’s not a default position. We can change that.

Ashley: 15:53
I’m going to pull that out as a quote. That is. That is a bright flashing light moment of this interview. I want you all to hear that. Maria, will you say that again?

Maria: 16:04
What about the oil light flashing? It’s an oil light flashing on the dashboard saying, hey, something is out of balance of you want me driving down the road and the light comes up and we go, oh, I don’t want to know about it. We put a piece of gum over it and that’s okay, and we drive another 10 k’s down the road and then the car breaks down and gives up. Then we had the audacity to get out, kicking and screaming, blaming the car for lending. It’s down, but it’s been flashing for 10 k’s or 10 miles saying, hey, this something is wrong. So this isn’t our default position. Okay. We don’t have to accept this. We can do something about it. So if you have an oil light flashing, don’t put it off. Do something about it now.

Ashley: 16:51
Oh my goodness. Just one thing. So all of you listeners know. One of the other things that was, I also have asthma and I had severe allergies that kept me indoors every summer, almost all summer and totally healing my gut, which I don’t know if it’s ever 100 percent healed, but it’s so healthy now and I’m outside with my child almost every day and I have no asthma attacks anymore. Maybe like once a month or something, which is. I used to have like two a day, but I’m just saying like, oh, what’s possible? I mean, the, the transformation is massive and it’s changed my life and I know so many others who are listening are really in the struggle and don’t know how much as possible

Maria: 17:38
and so much of the that the symptoms come back and originating the gut. I mean so much research. Michael Gershon, your, you know, your guy over in the states, the second brain, he’s all that. Get that up and going again. But I’m not the backseat without God. We have two kilos of bacteria, so that’s about three pounds to you. Uh, I have to do the conversion, two point two pounds. So out of those then we had 85 percent good bacteria and 15 percent bad bacteria. And that’s fine. We can live like that. But when we get stressed or diet appeal, antibiotics and miss a time and place for antibiotics, I work alongside a medical doctor and sometimes their necessary environmental, chemical pollution and parasites. All of this has the potential to knock out our gut. So out of that two kilos, then what happens? You can have 60 percent bad bacteria and 40 percent only good bacteria.

Maria: 18:39
But why is it so important is that 95 percent of Serotonin, our happy hormones, the ability to feel good and bad through the day that comes from the gut, not the brain and 18 percent of about immune system is manufactured in the lining of our gut wall. So our gut is imperative. You want to have happy hormones, feel good, look good, and get into the day, have a healthy immune system may thing, isn’t it? We must do that conversion on two kilos to pounds. I’ll write it in the notes of this interview for sure after will do the conversion for all of you so you’ll have it. But it has a lot of.

Ashley: 19:25
It is. It really is a lot. And I mean it makes me feel hopeful that you’re on the show talking to me about this because I think that you know, you’re out there spreading awareness, sharing with people that you don’t have to keep accepting the symptoms that you think are just the way your body functions. You can change it. And I think one of the first things to do that you’re saying is to look at your gut. And how to heal your gut, right?

Maria: 19:56
Exactly. And Ashley, for all your views, predominantly that whomever in the states, you’re sitting in line over there with Donna and all her beautiful fermented foods. So if you google bodyecologydiet.com, and then there’s the, you know, all of the fermented drinks, powders, etc. All about healing the gut. So we need to get in, we need to remove those irritants like the sugar and the bad oils, vegetable oils, soybean, unfermented soybeans, canola oli, poorly raised meats, et cetera.

Maria: 20:30
A lot of animals are just in their own poop there and that prevents a no, you know, that promotes an overgrowth. Overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria. So parasites. So we need. When the gut lining is triggered, then that inflames and weakens our body and also remember our intestinal lining. Small intestine. It creates those gaps, so we need to repair that and as we can use glutamine and digestive support there and repopulate so you can put the beneficial bacteria back in, with the fermented drink. Fermentation is so trendy now. When I first got in, most people would say, oh yes, I drink beer. No, we don’t want to get into, so he has, it wasn’t quite on the radar they like to use now, so, but if you can get a diet rich in omega threes because they’re wonderfully antiinflammatory, nutrient dense fermented foods and fermented vegetables and fermented powders for me.

Maria: 21:36
Two drinks and then that can help reduce candida. So many women are prone to a candy that issue yet and that that really does cause havoc so and it explains the body. So also too, which is really good luck people. Vitamin D, so if you can get it from the sun, great. Um, a lot of people can’t convert. I’ve got it. What they called a snip in my DNA. So I’ve got a tendency not to convert properly. so I take vitamin D every day because it will help reduce any inflammation in the GI tract. And I also put K2 with that because that helps with the uptake of vitamin d. So if you can get in there, get the inflammation down, avoid any factory farmed meats. You know, there’s so much now with hormones, antibiotics and toxins. You have grass fed over there each year when I come over there is

Maria: 22:35
so much selection of your beef and chicken, Turkey, all grass fed, which is wonderful. Um, the other thing too, we use a lot for brining down inflammation, I’m taking out irritants is we’ll use quinoa millet and buckwheat and amaranth and we soak that because all grains, gluten or non glutenous have the phytic acid around it. So when we soak that in some water, put a splash of any major drinks with that, leave it overnight. We’ve broken down the fighting acid, the enzyme and keep it up. So it makes it easy for us to absorb. So many people say to me on the rear, I’ve done quinoa that, you know, I get this reaction, but I said, you know, have you soaked it and prepared it? No. So if you sow good input, either organic apple cider vinegar and all this fermented drinks with it, then we’ll, we’ll deal with and help eliminate the phytic acid that’s breaking down in the gut.

Ashley: 23:32
And I just want to make sure you’re talking about “quinoa”, right?

Maria: 23:38
Yes, we’ve got to get our accents synced here.

Ashley: 23:49
That’s so funny. I just, I was thinking based on what is, some people aren’t really sure what that is. No, it’s probably something, you know well, quinoa.

Maria: 24:04
beautiful. It’s such a great amino acid profile and it’s high protein and the odd. Yeah. So get into your quinoa.

Ashley: 24:16
So funny. Yes. That’s a trick I didn’t know about, and I’m excited about that. Um, yeah. so I would love to shift gears a little bit and I really wanted to make sure we could talk about this one thing that I don’t really know a lot about and I’m looking forward to learning from you. I just am going to ask you straight out what our oxalates.

Maria: 24:40
Very good question. It’s one of my favorite subjects because it’s getting, it’s becoming an issue that’s being overlooked. Okay. So let’s just dive into some symptoms. So how many children are there? They had done, I’ll put this one beautiful client. She came to me, her mum brought and she’s three years old and she’d had these excruciating hot wee so it would burn her all the way through when she was actually weeing, urinating, volverdenia, um, where it’s just pain in and around the vagina. I’m just continually diarrhea. We’re stomach pain, kidney stones, severe back pains, skin outbreaks all around the lower jaw here, diabetes, joint pain, anemia, osteoporosis, arthritis, which were talking about earlier, dry eyes, eczema and anxiety. So Anxiety, poor balance and poor memory. Getting to go into that because this will hopefully resonate more with viewers sign his thyroid imbalances and digestive issues, on the spectrum, et cetera.

Maria: 25:55
And it also goes hand in hand with leaky gut. So with obsoletes, there are no symptoms that are specific to oxalates. The symptoms depend on where the oxalate crystals are deposited in the body. So we can get these crystals can deposit in our nose. In our joint kidney. You read the bladder, brain and gut. so and at some stage. So what happens is they naturally occurring plants. So spinach and you know, we get that hearing us on spinach or you eat kiwi fruit and you can feel that hairiness, that the actual opposite. So what happens is there are natural protector, nature’s wonderful against herbivores, so uh, being, attacking the plant so it’s just naturally occurring. And so that’s fine. And what can happen though is when we ingest it, it comes up like shard-like glass within our digestive track and can actually cause so much of a hiccup.

Maria: 26:55
now, just so you know, I’m just going to concentrate on the food component of it. There’s other metabolic reasonings, et cetera, DNA, but it’s just tight from the food component at the moment, not the big one, all of the, or it’s just part of it. So when they store. So we eat all of these high oxalate foods like spinach raw cacao, kiwi fruits, almonds, almond meal, milks, all of that. And then we can get to some people, high concentrations of these crystals beneath the skin and suffer from this mystery eczema. We can get this mystery pain and our knees, hip joints, et cetera, because it builds up deposits. Others can store in the central nervous system so that can cause some for some people poor balance if it clusters around the cerebellum. Now with the anxiety, if it gathers around the amygdala with a set of neurons are located deep in the brain’s temporal lobe, then it’s a major role in processing emotions so it can then affect our anxiety, pull memory if it’s located in the hippocampus. SO these can be signs like this, um, a physical imbalance and also too, guarantees that the energy will never be at an optimum level, no matter how much sleep that you get, you can never wake up feeling refreshed.

Maria: 28:36
So as the plant ripens it increases the amount of oxalates within the plant. So, and with that, so you’ve got nuts and sweet potatoes, potatoes, black pepper, I’m all of those which, and peanut butter, which become staple foods. We eat so much of it, then they can cause a hiccup now we’ve also, it’s, there’s no nutritional value to it and it’s normally carried out through the urine and stool. So it is an anti-nutrient and what that needs, it interferes with the absorption of magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc. Keep in mind, zinc is your brain gut, and the immune system, and if you’re anxious and got low zinc, it’s really, that’s happened to me for years. Low zinc and the anxiety, and then if it’s binding to the calcium, then we can end up with osteoporosis. So it’s a little bit of a conundrum there. So calcium to the oxalate ratio.

Maria: 29:40
When that gets out of balance, that’s when it forms these crystals. Now here’s the other thing, there’s this beautiful bacteria called (inaudible), and if you have plenty of that in your gut, then you’ll be able to break down the oxalates that you are consuming so many issue and if you’ve got a metabolic pathway and DNA snips to dealing with it, it’s fine. So if you’ve got these groovy forma jeanie’s, then you can have these oxalates, not going to be an issue, but if you’ve had antibiotics kills off the phone with jeanie’s. Oh, these people are. They’ve had antibiotics. One, tWo, three courses, et cetera. It’s so prolific now again, there is a time and place for many of us, we’d be dead if we never took it. So, but in doing that, it kills the forma jeanie’s. Now the other conundrum is you can’t buy forma genie.

Maria: 30:40
She can’t go down to whole foods and get it off the shelf, et cetera, and start, you know, start a course. So when that happens is that then we’ve got to hope that we can feed them back up again. And for some people they can, if they do, knock it out with the antibiotics, it can take up to a year to actually breed them back up again. We want to get that back and get it going. But if the gut is inflamed and leaky, then what happens is remember our gut, our gaps in the leaky gut, oxalates are absorbed. They cross the intestinal barrier easily filled up in the body. Okay? So that’s where leaky gut then overplays with the oxalates. So most people who have oxalate issues, they have no formagenies, they don’t digest fats properly, and then the calcium binds to the fat or they have an inflamed leaky gut.

Maria: 31:49
We can get those oxalate’s via food or going natural sugars, so if you’ve got a yeast, have you’ve got candida and that overgrowth, then that then works. It’s an important food fuel for the opposite, so the candied actually fuels the oxalates, so you get another conundrum there. So we’ve got to get the candida under control anyway in with the oxalates. So, so many people come to me and say I’ve got healthy, but I’m coming back now with inflamed joints are broken out in my skin. I’ve got uti is usually track infections. I’m done. What’s happening? They’ve been changing. They’ve had this smoothie with almond milk, raw cocoa, the greens for lunch. They have large spinning salad with nuts, soya protein, sesame seeds, um, and snacks and dark chocolate with almonds. Macadamia like this is an oxalate bomb.

Maria: 32:57
Keep in mind, of you’ve got the groovy formagenies for your metabolic pathway. Then you’re fine that you had that history of illness and if you’ve got antibiotic use in the past you may be having a hiccup. And also fructose converts to oxalates. So high fruit diet will convert to oxalates. So wouldn’t you get kids on the spectrum? And they, they, um, they have a lot of staple foods and they’ll have a lot of peanut butter, et cetera. Then that becomes very high oxalate intake. Um, I remember thiS one beautiful mum, nan, she wanted to help his son so much. And so he was having these spinach salads and she was literally doing handful to sesame seeds sprinkling over the top and the raw cocoa, his whole genital region was just so inflamed from the oxford. So we can change It though. That’s where we overlaid the low oxalate diet with the body ecology diet, the anti candida diet.

Maria: 33:58
The other thing is drink lots and lots of water because when you’re dehydrated, the oxalates are building up. We want to flush out the oxfords. We’re lucky too that one of the leading biomedical researchers is an australian by the name of Susan Owens. And your audience wants to google low ox died. Um, it’s fantastic with all the different subsets of information, the food categories breakdown. And she has an online yahoo group which is very popular in the states. Also, when the research very so you can go to different sites and I would talk about, um, like avocado for instance, there’s some varieties of avocado in the states that a high oxalates but they’re not out here, so. Oh, so let’s can vary and do to the condition of the soils, the time of harvest and the genetic differences in that species of the plant so that, that can get a little bit confusing.

Maria: 35:03
I tend to always default back to Susan because she’s been at this for years. Um, another thing that’s really good, um, so that we can help leech out the oxalates. It won’t actually eliminated it, but it leeches that is in the food preparation. So if we took, for instance, redskin potatoes, which have got considerable area there with oxalates, if we boil that up and discard the water, then we’re lowering the oxalate content. And the same with quinoa. It has there again, so, so good and rinse. again, your helping to leech out the oxalates. So then it’s lowering the account, which, which makes it a lot easier for us to make an almond milk or the spinach better the city you can, I’m not steam it because when you steam it, you’re releasing the oxfords into the water and swimming away. But if you boil it and discard the water, so anytime you can actually boil it up, discard the water, you’ll lower it.

Maria: 36:11
And also the other thing that’s wonderful, which is a double winner for us, is fermentation, It degrades oxalates. So that’s how we had, you know, the fermented drinks, energy biotic, coco biotic, passionfruit biotic, you can get that in states, all of those yet help to degrade oxalates. Um, the other area too, which is really economical to use is vitamins with citrates. So calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, if you take that about 20 minutes before a meal, it helps to decrease the value of oxalate in the food. So say, um, calcium citrate, for instance, the calcium oxalate bond, and then the citrate helps to degrade the actual oxygen. So that’s a really good way of doing it. The same with b six, the vitamin p five p actually blocks the conversion of the sugars within opposites. The reverend knows by two ducks, the yeast, the.

Maria: 37:15
It’s another handy one to put in there and I’m a big, big believer in colonics and far infrared saunas. Do you do colonics at all?

Ashley: 37:23
No, maybe I should

Maria: 37:26
Yeah, most definitely. It’s like a rocket ship to health. It fast tracks so much because you can get, you can eliminate so many toxins with a colonic. I use the closed system, this two systems and open and closed system. If you’ve got a good practitioner and um, you can really do a lot of releasing it so we can get around that. The intestines, the bowel wall, a buildup of toxins. But with the colonics, it’s kind of like, you know when you have spaghetti bolognese and the crust is left there, you soak it overnight and come back the next morning, just live off. Well, this what this does. So we want to soak the bow and then that helps to hydrate the ages and helps lift up and remove the toxins. Yeah. So that’s, that can really help with leaky gut. And thyroid imbalances, adrenal fatigue, all of those areas because it’s eliminating the toxins. Find a good practitioner. There’s so many good colonic therapist in the states. I go to a beautiful one, luis, in, um, in lag time. I’m over there because after you’ve been flying long haul, you do dehydrated. So go in and slowly soak the bowl and hydrate the body and get rid of these toxins.

Ashley: 38:57
You’re selling me on everything. Like yes, I want to do that. But you know, the thing is I teach so much about, you know, follow your intuitive knowing and what you were saying lights me up. It makes me feel like, yes, that will make me feel better. That feels expansive in my world. my body’s like, yes, do that. To all of you who are listening. Follow that knowing there might be some things that Maria has talked about that you might not fully understand, but if it lights you up, if it makes you feel like, ooh, that something within my body kind of wants that followed that knowing, you know, instead of fully meeting to get it all. Follow that intuitive knowing.

Maria: 39:39
Exactly. And you have any queries? Email me, I don’t mind. yeah, that’s the other thing too, to keep in mind.

Maria: 39:49
Remember we’re talking about stores of the opposites in the body and the joints. So What can happen Is we need to go slow. So if you’re on that high up so that diet and you’ve got an issue, you’ve had antibiotics and and it’s signaling that you know, you need to do something that we want to actually slowly dump the oxalates from the body. So you wouldn’t go onto a street low low ox diet straightaway because you would dump too much and you would just feel so sick. Okay. And you would go, what is that woman out about? supposed to feel better. Slowly change the oxalates around. And if you do have that oxalate dump, which you will at some stage, which is okay, but you want to gently lift up. The competitor to oxalate is sofa bicarbonate chloride and the bite. So if you have a bath and put some epsom salt baths in bicarb soda or magnesium chloride, or if you haven’t got a bath, do a foot bath. I was doing a conference call the other not doing a foot bath of epsom salts and it was fantastic to hesitate and I thought, why? I’m just having an old hat here.

Ashley: 41:08
Brilliant. I love that

Maria: 41:10
you know, take the biotin, because that will help dump the east and you want. You might notice is that your stools may turn a gray or yellow color and that’s the oxalates slowly being released or you, you urine gets this shiny crystal, you know, disco sparkles happening as they have been dumped down, so yeah, this can take up to a year to work its way through. Yeah. In Australia we have the, it’s called smartdna.com.au and so that tests or your dna, which will go into another state at another time, but it also has a test called smart gut and that test actually is fantastic statistic for formagenies oxbow back to form of genius as well as a myriad of other pathogens. It’ll tell you, you know what foods you know you shouldn’t be eating and how it’s affecting your body. It’s a fabulous test, but it tells you whether you’ve got a fomagenies and if you look after it, we never calorie count but we do oxalate count, but if you bought it, you know, okay, I need to look at, you know, look out for this and especially how women do now.

Maria: 42:24
So prone to uti to urinary tract infections. I mean that is the classic for oxalate buildup in the body.

Ashley: 42:34
Absolutely. I hear it over and over again and I feel like everything you’re saying just you know, it, it addresses so many of the issues that so many highly sensitive people do it and beyond, not just of course, but when I hear over and over again from these, you know, the people who who approaching is also, they’re carrying unwanted weight and no matter what diets they do, they’re not losing it and I am sure that it has to do with you speak to that for just a second because I feel like everybody, you want to hear that

Maria: 43:07
we have between two to four kilos. Gosh, I’ve got to do the conversion on that. Two to four kilos. I’ve impacted fecal matter around abdominal region, so yeah, when I first got into colonics or 30 years ago, it was amazing. You just, you just. The weight loss is from toxins being released and also too, it helps to decrease the sugar cravings. Have probiotics back then so that if you use the colonics in conjunction with probiotics, that helps decrease the sugar cravings. It helps to lose weight, and I also use that in conjunction with one of the main principles with body ecology is the food combining if you a meat and a potato together. Okay. The enzymes, when you had the neat it produces, when you see it, it produces a protein enzyme will start producing that. To break it down. When we have a starch, it produces a starch enzyme.

Maria: 44:10
Now, when we eat that together in that one meal, what it does, it negates each other and it cancels the enzyme set so you can’t break it down so that when we get that, you know that feeling where it’s just like, oh my gosh, I’ve just done this terrible food combining. I go meet with potatoes galore in there. I can’t break it down, break that down because you canceled the enzymes if you can still have to meet that. You put it with a low starchy veggies. Okay, so the merits in the cauliflower and the broccoli and then it’s happy. You will notice the difference and you can still add the potatoes, but you put that with the low starchy veggies or the keyword or the village or amaranth, etc. They combined really well, but avoid putting meat and potatoes together. That’s just one component of food combining. So when we applied food combining with the fermented drinks, probiotics and colonics. Wow. It is a game changer. Actually. Wait to start to, you know, we’re getting rid of information, we’re getting rid of the toxins and then okay, if it’s not moving, we can look at thyroid and your adrenals and what’s happening there and how they’re interacting in love after this.

Ashley: 45:36
Who else wants me to have Maria back so we can dig deeper and talk more about this topic because I do. I want to talk more?

Maria: 45:48
Yeah. It’s so exciting because this is getting out there.

Ashley: 45:53
It is, and you know, I’m sure lots of people in the states are talking about this, but I don’t really hear them talking about it like you’re speaking about it and I your angle, the way that you approach it and explain it, it feels so holistic, so whole body taking into account the whole of the being the person and just you make it sound like accessible. We can all do this, you know, and I appreciate that.

Maria: 46:27
Yeah. Oh good. Ashley. I mean it’s, it is a commitment, um, but you know, if you’ve been on that slippery slope, with your health, you’d do anything. Whatever. You remember putting myself on a plane to go to the states and I was so sick bro and I’ve got nothing. I’ve got to do this, you know, because I need to get better. Right? And so, and we’re fortunate now what we’ve got access to and there are economical ways of doing things as well. It doesn’t have to always be high end expensive because it can get expensive when you start ticking boxes there. But there are ways around it. And this, it’s for me, it’s keeping it practical. Yeah,

Ashley: 47:13
I absolutely agree. Absolutely. So now that we’ve just touched on how so many people who are listening are struggling with health and their weight and you know, some of them are struggling with mood swings, anxiety. There’s so many that a lot of the listeners are dealing with, you know, and I dealt with them too. So did you. So we’re empathetic. We understand. We’ve been there, we’ve done that and we’re on the other side. So you could take a moment to speak to the viewers, to just, give them a word of encouragement and just sort of help them with their struggles. Something that you could say to them.

Maria: 47:51
Yeah, I think the main thing is you’re not alone. There’s a lot of people out there, and it’s good to have Ashley here, and doing what you’re doing. This is phenomenal. When I, when you contacted me and I looked at your site, one was someone who speaks my language. Yes empaths! So, and um, I think what’s super, super important is to go slow and low. Anything that you do, anything that you take, start slow and take a low dosage. And just do it step by step because otherwise it’s too easy to get overwhelmed and go, oh, this will never work on, you know, I can’t do this or I’ve got, you know, this huge detox in and dumping, um, but just that slow and low and just take it step by step. Um, I remember having panic attacks here in the Sydney harbor bridge in Sydney’s this beautiful bridge structure.

Maria: 48:48
And I was driving across there and I had the worst anxiety attack and I just went, what am I going to do is pick out traffic. There’s just six lanes and I’ve got nowhere to go. And the sweat and everything is pouring off me. I thought I’m going to pass out. So I hit the, the button for, you know, the, the lights flashing and cool. Basically cross the bridge. And I went, never again, I am getting a solution to this, you know? Um, so it is just believing that you can get solutions. Everyone’s unique, everyone’s different, but we can get there. But just slowly,

Ashley: 49:27
You don’t have to accept that. That’s how it has to be for you. There are solutions out there.

Maria: 49:33

Ashley: 49:34
Thank you for that. Well, you have left me wanting so much more so I’m going to leave it at that and leave everybody else. the viewers wanting more too. I hope so. All of you who are listening, let us know if you’d like to hear more and what topics you’d like to hear more about. And for now I’d like to have Maria share with us how the listeners can learn more about you and your work.

Maria: 49:58
Yeah. Okay. So my website is www.yourdigestion.com.au and a this a facebook page. Your digestion. And my email address is bodyecology@MariaHunt.com.au And please, I’m happy to answer any questions you might or direct you to contacts that I’ve got in the states, etc.

Ashley: 50:32
yeah, I love that. And you know, there’s some more social media and you also have a freebie that you’re giving away as well.

Maria: 50:38
Yeah. So there’s a cookbook there. it’s a transitional cookbook. And um, so it’s all about when we transition on a body ecology, we just take it slow and low, so I’ll send through the cookbook to you.

Ashley: 50:51
Amazing, amazing. So all of those links are underneath this video so that you can easily access all of those links and find her on social media. get the preview. How kind of Maria to offer that to all of you listeners, check out her website, you know, I hope that you’ll take the next steps with Maria and, and find out what else she knows because, we have barely, barely touched the surface. So amazing. Alright, well thank you again for joining me. I’m so grateful.

Maria: 51:22
Pleasure. Thank you for having me. Ashley and yeah. Hi to everyone out there.

Ashley: 51:27
Well thank you all for joining us and we’ll see you on the next show.

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