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Before Ashley found out she was a Highly Sensitive Person AND an Empath, she didn’t know what tools and strategies she needed. Once she uncovered her trait of High Sensitivity, she understood she was part of a group of people that actually have a different nervous systems. The typical suggestions, like “push through the fear” and “toughen up”, were NOT going to work at all. Take one of the quizzes below to see where you stand, and then receive your results and suggested next steps.

Are You an Empath?

Do you need alone time to recharge your battery? Are you a natural born caretaker? Do you feel misunderstood or alone? Are you hyper critical of yourself?Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Do you feel like a human lie-detector? Click the button below to find out if you’re an Empath.


Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

Do you become sick easily and often? Are you powerfully affected by the feelings of others? Do loud noises, strong smells or bright rooms bother you? Do you sometimes work too hard? Do you have a special connection with animals? Click the button below to find out if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person. *Coming Soon


Is Your Child an Empath?

Is your child highly aware and notices subtleties that others might not notice? Is your child impacted by changes in the environment like the full moon or a pressure changes due to incoming weather? Can your child pick up on subtle clues such as someones body language? Does your child seem feel the emotions of others, and it can be distressing for them? Click the button below to find out if your child is an Empath. *Coming Soon


Do You Have a Highly Sensitive Child?

Does your child get startled easily? Does your child struggle with textures that are not soft (ie. scratchy clothing, seams in socks, or tags)? Does your child shy away from large groups of noisy people? Does your child have large reactions to seemingly small setbacks? Does your child have a gentle nature? Is your child a perfectionist and needs things to be “just right”? Click the button below to find out if you have a Highly Sensitive Child. *Coming Soon