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Interested in booking Ashley to speak at your business or event? Ashley loves connecting with people in person to facilitate change.  Sharing her personal healing experience and the strategies she has compiled from over a decade of working with Highly Sensitive People has proven to inspire and motivate audiences. It has been said that she leads with enthusiasm, flexibility and patience.

Ashley’s Mission

Ashley’s mission is to support ambitious Highly Sensitive females, so they can stop the endless cycle of stress and energy drain, to finally use their gift of sensitivity as a strength. Many HSP’s and Empath, are so deep in protection mode that they are not fully living their lives, and Ashley is here to help them to step beyond living a life in survival mode, so they can truly begin to thrive!

Watch a quick three minute video about Ashley’s mission to get you out of stress, overwhelm and anxiety by teaching you how to handle any situation that comes your way.

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Possible Speaking Titles

  • How to Use Your Emotional Sensitivities as Your Greatest Source of Strength
  • Empowering the Empath
  • How to Thrive in this World of Chaos as a Sensitive Person
  • How Using Sensitivity and Vulnerability in the Workplace Can Be Your Greatest Source of Strength
  • Tools to Create Change in Every Area of Your Life and get You Un-Stuck
  • How to Stop Guilt, Shame, Blame, Regret and Anger from Ruling Your Life
  • How to Stop Giving Away Your Power and Find Your True Power Within

  • Stop The Burn Out and Overwhelm. How to Feel Free and Thrive in Every Area of Your Life
  • Stop Surviving and Start Thriving in All Areas of Your Life

  • How to Stop Stress Overwhelm Anxiety and Burnout Before They Begin

Ashley’s Been Seen Interviewed as an Expert on these Tele-Summits

  • Follow Your Bliss: How to Live an Amazingly Happy Life Using Simple Spiritual Tools. [Host: Hilary Cave] – UK
  • The Happiness Tele-Summit [Host: Erica Glessing] – USA
  • Elevate Your Mood Summit [Host: Rhema Flowers] – USA
  • Crack the Dream Team Code: How to Hire, Inspire and Build a Business Team You Love! [Host: Michelle Pizer] – Australia
  • Ignite a Life You Love [Host: Gina Hatzis] – Canada
  • Beyond Heartbreak: Stop Your Pain, Rekindle Your Happiness, and Put Purpose Back in Your Life. [Host: Jeannine Lee] – USA
  • The Healthy Mama Revolution [Host: Sarah Burgess] – USA
  • Your Freedom Business Summit:  How to Create a Heart-Centered Business with Time, Location and Lifestyle Freedom & Helps Others Find Their Freedom Too. [Host: Alison Palmer] – UK
  • Busyness Myth Summit: How to have Extraordinary Success and Joy Coexisting in All Areas of Your Life. [Host: Aliky Kouroupis] – Australia
  • The Money Vibe: Awaken Your Abundance Mindset so That You Can Master Your Prosperity Flow. [Host: Jessica Martel] – Canada
  • The Lit Up Life: How to Light Up From Within and Live Aligned With Your Soul For Health, Energy, Beauty and a Deeply Fulfilling Life. [Host: Maria Carbonell] – USA
  • Make Your Good Business Great Summit: The ultimate growth game for game changers![Host: Kim Victoria] – Australia
  • Art Medicine Masterclass: Discover how to overcome fear, trust your intuition and stand in your creative power. [Host: Alexis Cohen] – USA
  • Upheaval to Uplevel: How to use your current upheaval to propel you into a more joy-filled connected life! [Host: Jeannine Lee] – USA
  • Self-Made Success Summit [Host: April Iannazone] – USA
  • Earth Mama Magic: Unleash Your Feminine Power, Birth Your Creative Vision and Transform the World! [Host: Alexis Cohen] – USA
  • The Achiever’s Edge: Train Your Mind to Attract and Sustain Massive Success and Reach Your Personal Potential Faster. [Host: Dr. Suja Johnkutty] – USA
  • Supercharge Your Success: Rewire Your Brain for Massive Success, Financial Freedom and Happiness.  [Host:Dr. Celine Vousden] – UK

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