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A Five Week Online Intensive to Empower Highly Sensitive and Empathic People

Are you naturally a caretaker for everyone and it leaves you feeling drained?

Have you been feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burned out?

Are you sick of feeling sick?

Despite all of the efforts to protect your energy, do you find it’s never enough?

Would you like to eliminate guilt, unworthiness, drama and upset from your life?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place!

Keep reading to find out how this 5 week Intensive will change your life>>>

What Can I Expect to Change as a Result of this Program?

Her are some of the results you may experience from this Intensive:

  • Be fully equipped with tools to handle any judgments sent your way
  • Aids in removing guilt, shame, anger, fear, worry and regret from your life
  • No longer get so stressed or burned-out that you get sick
  • Learn to listen to the subtle whispers of your body
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and burn-out before they enter your world
  • Better understand yourself so that you can step into your full potential
  • Handle energy drainers without letting them suck your energy
  • Diffuses arguments in relationships before they start
  • The Intensive helps to handle victims in ways that won’t deplete you
  • Stepping out of reaction mode and into the driver’s seat in your life
  • Recognize how your sensitivities are not a bad thing
  • Become more confident and centered
  • Learn how to soothe your senses to get a better night’s sleep
  • Improves your relationships with spouse, children and other family

How this 5 Week Online Intensive Works:

  • The Private Coaching Intensive begins with you filling out the application. This will just take a few minutes to fill out.

  • Then, I will review your submitted application and make sure you’re a good fit for this program.
  • Next, I will call or email you personally to let you know the status of your application.
  • If you’re a good fit for the program, we will schedule a “clarity call” so we can go over all the details.
  • Once we both agree to work together, the course will be personally tailored to you…. and you’re life will change!
Ashley your course title is very fitting. I really am seeing that I was barely surviving in my past. Honestly, to me your examples (within the course) are like training wheels on a bike that I forgot I even had under me to ride.

How I Can Help You Get the BIG Results:

I have been working in this field of personal transformation for over a decade and I’ve earned many certifications and credentials. I have hired coaches for my business and for my personal life and over the years.

I’ve invested $51K in my quest to continue growing and empowering myself, so I have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon from my own quest to learn and grow within my life. You’ll be getting all the best pieces of wisdom and the very best tools that I’ve gathered through all of my training and experience at a fraction of the investment that I’ve made.

Within this program, I will draw upon a variety of modalities that I’ve studied over the past decade to offer you the most dynamic and fastest results possible.

My background also includes healing myself of fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and acid reflux. Doctors told me that I would be on medications and in pain for the rest of my life. I’m living proof that you can change anything…even when you feel like there is no hope.

I’ve been told I have a gift for making heavy subjects seem light.

Together, we can turn your sensitivities into your greatest strengths!

This is Perfect for You if:

  • You have been labeled as too sensitive or overly emotional
  • You have been craving support to maintain and increase your energy level
  • You easily pick up on other people’s emotions and it’s hard to shake them
  • You’ve been trying to protect your energy and it’s not helping you enough
  • Despite your greatest efforts, you continue to fall back into feeling drained and burned-out
  • You’re looking for lasting inner peace

  • You’d like to stop judging yourself
  • You’re passionate about improving your life
  • You’re the type of person who is determined and you’re always seeking ways to improve your quality of life

This is Not for You if:

  • You don’t usually follow through with anything
  • If investing in this program would put you in serious financial hardship
  • You have alligator skin and you’re rarely bothered by other people’s judgments

  • You never feel uncomfortable during or after social situations
  • You never experience fatigue, stress or burn-out
  • You are argumentative or stubborn to your own disadvantage

  • You are not open or ready to receive new suggestions
  • You feel like you already have it all figured out
  • You need someone to hold your hand throughout the entire process. If so Private Coaching would be better for you.

What’s Included Within this Intensive?

What’s Included Within this Intensive?

14 PDF’s
41 Videos
43 MP3’s

See What People are Saying:

Ashley is lovely and open and immediately puts you at ease. But most importantly, she works FAST. Having gone to therapy for years to work through family and life stuff, it was a thrill and relief to feel an immediate change during her session. What a difference to be able to laugh through these issues rather than cry! And in terms of career questions, I saw serendipitous, miraculous developments THE NEXT DAY. Plus you get a recording of your session, which really is like a new session every time you listen to it. You are guaranteed returns on this investment!
As a new mother I have experienced a lot of sleepless nights. Exhaustion and stress tend to go hand in hand for me. I began working with Ashley and noticed a remarkable difference in how I was able to handle my stress level despite the lack of sleep. What has really reinforced my belief in Ashley’s methods is the way I feel when I skip sessions. My overall sense of well-being and calm is markedly improved when I maintain working with Ashley. I am so grateful when I am able to be a more present and pleasant member of my family. My husband and kids prefer it too!
I have attended many classes with Ashley Stamatinos. She has such wonderful energy and you pick up on it right away. Her beaming personality also makes the time soar by. You just want to be around her and soak up all the teachings she has to offer.  I highly recommend attending one of Ashley’s classes (or coaching programs) and being healed in your own fantastic way. I can say, with certainty, my experience was a hoot!
Just had the pleasure of taking a class from Ashley. Mainly one word comes to mind; BRILLIANT, absolutely 100%, top of the line, brilliant! An amazing experience that helped me shift the energy and transition in my life! Can’t wait to learn more!
I feel so free. How can I thank you? You truly are gifted and can help so many, Ashley.. Soon I’ll step out of hiding and out into the world… and have you to thank for it.

Ashley is an amazing, intelligent and naturally gifted energy healer. Her positive energy easily rubs off on anyone lucky enough to cross her path. I have had the pleasure of having several healing sessions with her. Ashley is very caring, loving and energetic and all of my experiences with her have brought light and love into my life. With all of my experiences with her, Ashley has given me beautiful insight into my life and has truly touched my life.


Your Bonus: Online Course

Understanding Highly Sensitive & Psychic Children

100% Money Back Guarantee

I believe in this Intensive so strongly that I’ve decided to take on ALL risk.

I guarantee this program and I want you to love every minute of it! Because I believe so strongly in this product, I’ve decided to give you a irresistible offer!

If for any reason you are not happy with Stop Surviving & Start Thriving within the first thirty days of purchase, I’ll refund your full purchase.