Ashley receives great feedback from clients about the transformations people see from taking a class, learning through a course or receiving her support through mentoring.

Many people have stories of how their emotions have changed from a roller coaster ride, to smooth sailing. Others report that they have gained better confidence,  and it allowed them to make life changes that they have desired for years (sometimes longer). Below are just some of their success stories. They illustrate the broad potentials of how Ashley’s courses and mentoring support can change the course of YOUR life to help you reach your highest state of being.

All of the participants wrote these stories themselves. Their identity is included on this web site at their discretion. If you have a testimonial you’d like to add, be sure to reach out to Ashley. She loved hearing feedback and will give you a special freebie as a thank you for your submission.

Special Interviews

Emily’s Praise for Ashley Stamatinos
Lauren’s Praise for Ashley Stamatinos
Jessica’s Praise for Ashley Stamatinos
Tammy’s Praise for Ashley Stamatinos

I have always known that I was a sensitive person, but I recently realized there was another name for it…an Empath. Being so sensitive was stopping me from accessing my confidence to build my business as a health coach. I can strongly feel the emotions of people around me and they often would shut me down. I always thought I was weak, and other people shielded themselves better than I did. I didn’t know how to interact socially and often left feeling drained. Working with Ashley, I’ve learned to empower and ground myself and it’s an incredible weight off my shoulders and socials settings are now much more enjoyable! I don’t feel bombarded or debilitated by those emotional any longer. Ashley is a lovely bright soul and I’m so glad that she has chosen to share all of her wonderful gifts with us. Ashley’s wisdom and guidance is spot on! If you’re feeling “stuck” in life – I would highly recommend working with Ashley!

Tammy Frank, Registered Nurse & Health Coach

I’ve been working with Ashley since 2015. She’s taught me a lot about myself. One of her best phrases is “what you resist persists.” My biggest ahha moment from working with Ashley was when I found out I was an Empath. Now that I know that I was able to heal myself. She’s also taught me how to expand my energy and now I’m able to work on communicating with animals. Ashley’s also changed my life in many other ways. I’m now launching my business and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without her. She’s an amazing teacher, healer and coach. Please take one of her classes and one of her webinars. Once you see how beautiful and energizing she is you’ll be hooked.

Lisa Reining, Animal Communicator & Healer

Working with Ashley was a great experience. She has a way of seeing things in your life from a perspective that is difficult for you to see yourself. And she always knows the right questions to ask to open you up to new possibilities and potentials. She teaches you tools that you can use over and over that help you empower yourself to move forward in your life with confidence. In our sessions we worked through several things going on in my life and she was not only able to navigate through them with ease, but could see the patterns and how they were interrelated. Plus she’s a lot of fun to work with. I highly recommend working with her.

Connie Schumman, Product Manager

Before I met Ashley I was lost and my life was pretty messy. I was looking for guidance and inner peace. Ashley has provided me with the support and tools for me to grow and prosper. She has helped me learn how to control my emotions and become a victor instead of a victim. If you are looking to work with Ashley, I highly recommend it. She’s an inspiration and her drive is contagious. You won’t be disappointed.

Diana DeJong, Real Estate Consultant
Diana DejongReal Estate Consultant
Lisa Reining Animal Communicator & Healer

I first began working with Ashley in 2012. As an empath running my own coaching business, I really struggled with my energetic sensitivity as my business grew and I started taking on more clients. Before working with Ashley, I had a really hard time managing my energy. As much as I loved my work, I would often burn out and would have no choice but to take time to recoup. This inevitably led to not serving my clients as well as I wanted, as well as less income coming in during those times. With the help of Ashley’s practical tools and mindset shifts, I was able to end my cycle of burning out and assist my clients on a greater level. I am so grateful for Ashley’s support and would highly recommend working with her if you love your service-based work, but struggle with burn out due to your energetic sensitivity. Thank you Ashley!

Lauren Wardell, Mindset Coach

Before working with Ashley I was constantly feeling drained. I was always picking up pains from other people and I didn’t even know I was doing this. Ashley really helped me to empower myself and really understand what was happening to cause this on an energetic level. She teaches really simple and incredibly effective tools to help you release what you’ve been picking up and to be in a state where you can feel healthy and happy constantly. I use these tools all day every day and I’m so grateful for them. I really am seeing that I was barely surviving in my past. Honestly, to me Ashley’s examples are like training wheels on a bike that I forgot I even had under me to ride. If you’re considering working with Ashley, do yourself a favor and do it. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose at all.

Charlotte Elisabeth, Licensed Massage Therapist & Professional Performer

I just started receiving distant Reiki healings from Ashley on a regular basis, and I am already starting to feel the effects! I’ve always had problems sleeping at night, but in the last two weeks I’ve gotten the best sleep of my life! I’ve also noticed slight improvements with my dysfunctional digestive system, relief from a minor back injury, and an overall sense of clarity. Ashley is absolutely the BEST.

Liz from Clark, NJ, Project Coordinator

I cannot thank you enough for the videos and the summary sheet (from the free 3-Part Video Series – 12 Secrets to Turn Your Emotional Sensitivities Into Strengths). This is some of the most profound and helpful information I have ever received, and I am so grateful to you. You have such an amazingly generous heart to help so many people. Thank you again!

LaurenSpiritual Weight Loss Coach
LizLife Coach

I took an Akashic Record reading class with Ashley and then attended the group practice sessions she hosted afterward. The whole experience was incredible, and Ashley was the star of the class. Her clarity and ability to channel combined with her compassion and gentle delivery make her an exceptional resource for those seeking personal healing and spiritual evolution. If you are ready for positive change, Ashley is the kind of person you will naturally gravitate towards, for you own greatest good.

Heather from Chicago, IL, Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner

I have been suffering from stress and anxiety for months now. I use exercise to relieve my stress but still have a hard time calming my mind down. Reiki is a personal and private method of calming, healing, and positive energy for the mind and soul. I have been practicing Reiki with Ashley and have never slept so well. I wake up in the morning so refreshed. This is a great way to heal yourself without pumping medicine into your body. Thank you Ashley for introducing me to a natural and productive healing method!

Raffaella from Springfield, MA

As a new mother I have experienced a lot of sleepless nights. Exhaustion and stress tend to go hand in hand for me. I began distance healing with Ashley and noticed a remarkable difference in how I was able to handle my stress level despite the lack of sleep. What has really reinforced my belief in Ashley’s methods is the way I feel when I skip sessions. My overall sense of well-being and calm is markedly improved when I maintain a routine of distance Reiki with Ashley. I am so grateful when I am able to be a more present and pleasant member of my family. My husband and son prefer it too!

Lucy from South Eastern PA, Dance Teacher

I have been suffering from Migraines for some time now. When I spoke with Ashley about them and the pain I was in she suggested trying Reiki. I usually contact Ashley and have her do a treatment when I have had my headache for an extended period of time and can’t seem to get rid of it. Each time I have had a session I become so relaxed, my stress melts away and my headache disappears. It’s like magic and I am so glad that I was open minded and discovered a natural and healthy way to heal my pain. Thanks Ashley for all of your insight into this wonderful world of healing.

Lauren from Stony Point, NY, Events Planner
SaraGraduate Student
BetsyReiki Master, Formerly School Librarian

Ashley’s expertise within the practice of energy healing, her intuitiveness and overall sense of calm has helped to make a wonderful difference in the lives of my two dear cats. They are aging soulful beings who relax as soon as she engages them. It is a spiritual process to observe. They literally alter their posture into a sense of bliss. The healing energy she invokes in them is a marvel ~ and an endless life essence for both of by boys. I am forever thankful! Her work is a true gift of life.

Jayne Bazos from Chicago, IL, Psychologist

Drama Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher Ashley is a gifted, knowledgeable, and insightful Reiki healer. Both her hands on and distance healing work is powerful and truly allows the body to relax and rebalance. As a fellow Reiki Master Teacher, I know that Ashley is highly professional, has excellent intuition, and truly cares for those that she works with. It is clear she is called to do energy work and one can really feel her positive energy radiating when working with her!

Laura from Saint Louis, MO

I have been receiving treatments from Ashley for a little over a year now and I can say that I have never ceased to be amazed. The treatments have been phenomenal, helping me with everything from recovering from illness, to healing a torn ligament, to giving me a much needed boost of energy. Additionally, learning about Reiki has been a fascinating and eye opening experience which is a great testament to Ashley’s astounding abilities as a teacher as well as a healer. I look forward to receiving both healing and education from Ashley, even when I’m away traveling.

Cameron from NYC, NY, Private Equity

Ashley is lovely and open and immediately puts you at ease. But most importantly, she works FAST. Having gone to therapy for years to work through family and life stuff, it was a thrill and relief to feel an immediate change during her session. What a difference to be able to laugh through these issues rather than cry! And in terms of career questions, I saw serendipitous, miraculous developments THE NEXT DAY. Plus you get a recording of your session, which really is like a new session every time you listen to it. You are guaranteed returns on this investment!

SharonExecutive Assistant
Tammy FrankNurse & Health Coach

I have attended many classes with Ashley Stamatinos. She has such wonderful energy and you pick up on it right away. Her beaming personality also makes the time in class soar by. You just want to be around her and soak up all the teachings she has to offer. On May 3-4, 2014, I attended Ashley’s New Paradigm MDT Basic Master Healer (Shamballa) class. I had such a delightful time and a deeply dynamic healing. There are so many ways one can release energy and boy did I have a big release. My experience with NPMDT has been amazing. I highly recommend attending one of Ashley’s classes and being healed in your own fantastic way. I can say, with certainty, my experience was a hoot!

Courtney, from Chicago, IL

Ashley is a fabulous teacher for the Bars! I took my third Bars class with her and received a wealth of information and tools that I can use to keep facilitating change and growth in my life. She can sense what students in the class need and adjusts the flow of the class accordingly. She is a gifted listener and teacher; and therefore, you leave the class feeling very prepared to give the Bars and also incredibly relaxed and open for receiving as well. As I now move on to be a Bars Facilitator myself, I feel very grateful to have had Ashley as one of my teachers. She taught many techniques and tips that I plan to pass on to my future students as well!

Emily Russell M.A.T BF (Indiana), Growing Grateful

Ashley is an amazing, intelligent and naturally gifted energy healer. Her positive energy easily rubs off on anyone lucky enough to cross her path. I have had the pleasure of having several Shamballa/Mahatma energy healing sessions with her as well as an Akashic record reading. Ashley is very caring, loving and energetic and all of my experiences with her have brought light and love into my life. With all of my experiences with her, Ashley has given me beautiful insight into my life and her knowledge of the different forms of energy healing and one’s journey to enlightenment have truly touched my life.

Diana from Chicago, IL

I had a mediumship session with Ashley, and I had no idea what I would experience. I was surprised to experience something so rich and healing. And I truly enjoyed the sessions. It was an honor to experience Ashley’s talent for connecting with spirits and I was comforted by her ability to promote an atmosphere where I felt at ease. Not only was it a fascinating enjoyable experience, it has impacted my life for the better. I feel more at ease with life beyond death and re-engaging with my own spiritual journey.

Kelly (Virginia)
CharlotteNanny, Licensed Massage Therapist & Professional Performer
JustinRegional Marketing Associate & Reiki Master Teacher

I have received several Shamballa energy treatments from Ashley and believe she is one of the most gifted healers I have ever encountered. She possesses an intuitive understanding of the kind of healing energy needed in any circumstance, and her kindness and compassion shine through her treatments.

Maria from Evanston, IL, Professor at Northwestern University

By including Reiki sessions with Ashley as part of my regular schedule, I have opened a window in my life that allows so much strength and powerful positive energy to come to me. Ashley and Reiki will always be a part of me.

Nicole from New York, NY, Grant Writer

I have been going to Ashley for four months and the results so far have been excellent. The introduction of Reiki into my life has helped me both physically and mentally. The Reiki sessions have helped me with a much quicker recovery time after workouts and competitive sports. Ashley constantly displays a sense of passion and professionalism towards her practice. She’s a very gifted healer, and I know she is helping improve the lives of many others.

Michael from Schaumburg, IL, Business Development Manager

Ashley is a truly gifted healer with a unique ability to see and sense energies beyond what others typically perceive. Her positive energy is undeniable, while her passion and professionalism clearly shine through. Ashley’s knowledge of Reiki, Shamballa, and the Akashic Records are vast and deep, and she is an asset to anyone seeking healing with their physical, mental, spiritual, and/or emotional selves.

Vernon from Chicago, IL

I have been working with Ashley for a few months with distance Reiki and then with an Akashic Records reading. Ashley’s Reiki has helped give me a better understanding of my body. After a session, I feel relaxed and centered and highly aware of my flow of energy. It is a fantastic, non-invasive way to clear my mind. Ashley has also read my Akashic Records. I was amazed with how personal and precise she was. Ashley easily and without prior knowledge was able to identify sources of pain and stress in my relationships and helped me to refocus my vision of myself and my future. Above all, Ashley walked me through each practice with patience and expertise. She explained everything to me along the way so I felt involved. She is definitely helping me to become a better me.

Taryn from New York, NY

I have had several Reiki sessions with Ashley, and I can truly say that anyone who is open minded will notice a change intriguing enough to try again… and again. If you can open your heart to Reiki it will not disappoint, and I am so thankful that Ashley delivers this great practice. With a very hectic schedule, I gave Reiki a try with hopes of feeling less fatigue and a greater sense of calm throughout my day. The effects of Reiki were instantaneously noticeable. It is an amazing way to awaken a better understanding of your mind and body. Ashley will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions. Ashley is a smart, caring, and well-versed person that can bring you to a higher state of well being.

Jeanette from Charlotte, NC