The Secret About Your Body

The Secret About Your Body

Lately, I have been pondering something I wanted to share with you. I noticed that every time my 8 month old son cries, my husband automatically wants to feed him to sooth him. I couldn’t quite understand why he always went for food as the default soothing mechanism.

After weeks of this, I kept asking questions around this to gain greater awareness about what was really going on here.

I finally got the awareness that my son was being a lot of space, and my husband didn’t have anything to grab onto, so he went for the food because the food would create more density in my sons body. That density would be an easier reference point for my husband to work with. You may have just read that and said “huh?” Well, let me explain…

When you are being “space”, you are not in resistance and reaction. Being space, you are choosing more consciousness. Being space takes you out of judgment. When I look at a person who is being spacious, their energy is larger, more expanded and lighter. It doesn’t have a heaviness to it. They are willing to be whatever is required in that moment.

Being “density”, is when you retract your energy in, and you’re in protection mode. Density is when you are in judgment of self and others. When you are being density, the people around you can more easily resist you and judge you because you have walls up that they can resist against.

Being space has no walls. Being space gives those around you nothing to resist against.

When you take a class, like the ones I teach, it usually expands your consciousness and you became more space. Often we look to the past for a reference point to better understand this new sensation we experience. Since we have never felt so conscious before, we have no reference point for the new feeling and we assume the new sensation is discomfort, or that it is wrong or bad.

How many times in your life have you increased your consciousness, or the amount of space you were being, and since it felt uncomfortable you stuffed food, drugs, alcohol or sex into your body to make you more density again?

How much of stuffing those things into your body was because you were familiar with being density, and being space was so new to you, that you didn’t know what do with it?

What if what your body and your being actually required was simply more energy (not the food, drugs, sex or alcohol)?

Here are a few questions I like to ask about this:

  • Body, am I actually hungry, or am I just adjusting to a new level of consciousness that I have never felt before?
  • Body, do I actually require food, drugs, sex, alcohol, or do I really require more energy?
  • How many things in my life feel have I labeled as uncomfortable simply because I have no reference point for them?
  • If I don’t push down the amount of space I’m capable of being, would I have more or less possibilities in my life?
  • What can I do with this new spaciousness in my body and being that I’ve never considered before?

As always, ask the question, and don’t look for the answer. The awareness will come to you, and you may even find that things start going better than you ever imagined!


Article written by: Ashley Stamatinos, RMT, BF   |   Founder Omorfi Healing   |   |

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