What is a Money Mindset Block?

Would you like to become more confident, attract more clients and make the money you always dreamed was possible?

Within our community (Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube) I’ve started seeing a brand new trend.

Many of you are asking me for support in growing your businesses…. And underneath it all you want to make more money.

Naturally this was very exciting to hear this as I love this topic!

You are a passionate person and you know you’re meant to help people and make a difference right?

Well, thank you for sharing what you’d like to hear from me, because I’m shifting gears to meet your needs, and I have new freebies rolling out soon…. so keep an eye and ear out for these new trainings that I’ve created to support you.

Do you know why you’re not already achieving the levels of total freedom that you desire?

It’s all in the mindset.

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We all have a mindset block to some degree. Here I’ve listed the mindset blocks to look for within your life and business. If you have any of these, then you know what to focus on.

Your new mission is to remove these root issues that are stopping you from creating the life of your dreams. (Yes, it’s possible to have a freedom lifestyle.)

The biggest mindset blocks:

  • Fear of success or failure
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Afraid you’re a fraud
  • Low self worth or confidence
  • Fear of being judged
  • Comparing to others
  • Unresolved fear, anger or guilt

Do you have any of these mindset blocks?
Do they impact your happiness?
Do they impact your success?
Are they stopping you from making money?

How much more freedom you would have in your life if you removed ALL of these mindset blocks?

Would you enjoy your life more of you didn’t have these limiting beliefs?

Your focus and your mindset create your reality, so removing these limiting beliefs will give you more freedom.
Article written by: Ashley Stamatinos, RMT, BF | Founder Omorfi Healing | |

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Ashley Stamatinos is a five-time #1bestselling author with over 10 years of experience helping Highly Sensitive People. She has also been referred to as the Empath Expert because of her extensive work helping people to stop living in survival mode, and step into thriving in all areas of life.

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