What is Your Psychic Gift?

What is Your Psychic Gift?

My husband often reminds me that I have an unfair advantage. He loves asking me to “name that line” from a movie. I usually don’t know what the movie is that he’s referring to, but I pull the answer out of his head, and blurt it out, and he stares at me smiling and says “that’s not fair”!

We both fall into laughter at this point as he knows that I didn’t know the movie, but I pulled the name from the front of his thoughts.

I can do this on command. I primarily use “telepathy”, or communicating without words, with my son. He tells me all sorts of things without speaking any words. We have great fun with telepathy.

I joke with my husband that if he and my son can speak Greek, and I don’t understand, then my son and I can speak with our minds to even out the playing field.

We are ALL Psychic beings, and some of us have tapped into it more than others.

There are a few kinds of Psychic Gifts that you may not even realize you have. That’s why I created a free quiz called What is Your Psychic Gift?, so you can uncover your natural talent. Let’s take a look at the types of Psychic Gifts.

Telepathy is when you communicate directly with another person’s mind without speech or other signs. Through this kind of communication you can give and receive messages with your mind.

Also, like the example I gave above with my husband, Telepathy is when you get information from someone’s thoughts without them even speaking them out loud.

Empathy is when you can identify with and understand someone’s feelings or difficulties without any spoken words. You can use your Empathy to create deep connections with others. Sometimes you may feel like you have taken on other’s thoughts, feeling or emotions because you feel them so strongly.

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing”. This is when you can receive information by seeing energy (with your eyes open or even eyes closed.) You have the ability to gain information about objects, people, or physical events through your gift of seeing energy.

Remote Viewing is when you can gather information about a distant or unseen target (ie. person, place or event) using extra sensory perception.

Psychokinesis is when you have the ability to use mental capacity to make objects move.

Psychometry is when you have the ability to read information about another person’s personal belongings simply by touching their items.

Mediumship is when you can communicate with the “other side”. This ability will allow you to make contact with those in the spirit world by relayingmessages. As a medium you may gain connection to deceased loved ones, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides or even fairies.

Precognition is when you just know things before they happen. You can see something in your mind’s eye, or just know with your thoughts that something is going to take place before it physically occurs.

You can find out what your psychic strength is by taking this quiz. CLICK HERE to go take the free quiz.  Enjoy!


Article written by: Ashley Stamatinos, RMT, BF | Founder Omorfi Healing | www.OmorfiHealing.com | info@omorfihealing.com

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